How to buy the best glasses for your hair color?

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There are many factors that can be taken into consideration when shopping for eyeglasses. Other than the style, color and size of the frame, one also needs to pay attention to how the glasses would look with their physical features, like the shape of their face or the tone of their skin. And of course, with hair being a dominant feature of one's appearance, you would also need to consider the color of your hair when picking out the most flattering pair of glasses to wear.

Blond Hair with Light Pink Glasses

Types of Hair Colors

First of all, you would have to figure out what type of hair color you have. For some, this is a no-brainer, but there are plenty of shades that are somewhere in between different categories so it might be a bit harder to figure out. According to experts, hair color can be sorted into five major categories – black, brown, blonde, red and gray or white.

Black is by far the most common hair color in the world. Approximately 80% of people have black hair, and most of these are in Asia or Africa. The reason for black hair is low levels of the natural enzyme tyrosinase in the body, and the active secretion of black eumelanin.

The next most common hair color is brown, which appears in a wide range of shading due to the varying allele levels in the body. Some brunettes have very dark brown hair, which almost looks black. There are others that also produce the brown pigment but at a much lower level, making the hair look almost blond.

Blond hair happens when the brown eumelanin is very low and there are no other pigments present. Blonde people often come from European descent. Next is red, which is the rarest natural hair color, and is a result of the higher pheomelanin in the body, which also accounts for very pale skin. Finally, hair loses melanin pigments as the melanocyte production halts due to age. This is why hair, regardless of original color, would usually turn gray or white over time.

What Glasses Are Best for Your Hair Color?

Based on your hair color, there are specific types of glasses that would be more flattering to wear. Of course, this is not a strict guide because it will all boil down to your personal style. But with this simple guide, you can really enhance your looks with the right combination of hair color and eyeglass frame color.

People with black hair have it the easiest because any color would be perfect. The black hair serves as a great backdrop that will make any frame color really pop. Whether you choose a dark or light shade, it is sure to stand out. Brunettes, however, would find black and darker pink frames or blue frames to be very complimentary as this will create a look that will contrast nicely against the brown of their hair.

Blondes would benefit greatly by wearing softer shades of pink and blue. It would be best to avoid gold frames or yellow frames as this might blend too much with the color of their hair. As for the rare redhead, most shades of brown frames and tortoiseshell frames perfectly complement the vibrant tones of the hair. For a more subdued look, shades of cream would be ideal as well.

Now, for those who are sporting salt and pepper tresses, the neutral palette on the hair presents an opportunity to wear vibrant colored glasses. Glasses with green frames, red frames and blue frames do very nicely, always making sure to pick the right shape for your face, of course.

Lensmart's Glasses for Your Hair Color

1. Finian - Oval Blue Glasses

Finian: Oval Denim/Blue-Light/Blue Glasses

The Finian oval glasses in a delightful blend of denim blue and light blue are an excellent choice for brunettes. Not only is the color very flattering but this particular shape actually enhances most face shapes, making it a really popular choice. Also, since it is made of TR90 material, which is durable and lightweight at the same time, the Finian glasses are very comfortable even for all-day wear.

2. Ozara - Cat Eye Pink Glasses

Ozara: Cat-eye Gold-Pink Glasses

If you are a blonde woman looking for the best pair of glasses to suit your appearance, you need to look no further because the Ozara cat eye glasses in this charming shade of pink are the ones. They say blondes have the most fun and this pair of glasses definitely exudes fun. The pretty detail on the uplifted corners of the frame makes this frame more than just a piece of eyewear but a real fashion accessory. It's a timeless design that works on all ages and can be used for many different occasions.

3. Rowan - Aviator Tortoiseshell Glasses

Rowan: Aviator Ebony-Zebrano Glasses

We had mentioned that tortoiseshell is a great choice for redheads, and something like this particular pair is exactly what we had in mind. First of all, the design of the Rowan aviator glasses is just right for both men and women. They are not your typical tortoiseshell pattern but rather a unique ebony-zebrano design that will surely attract anyone's attention the moment they look at you. The aviator shape is also versatile and looks amazing on most face shapes.

4. Lyla - Square Clear Glasses

Lyla: Square Transparent Glasses

People with black hair are spoiled for choice when it comes to frame colors, so why not go all out and pick a fun and colorful pattern like the Lyla square glasses? The colorful abstract mosaic-like pattern along the top of the square-shaped frame is balanced by a subdued clear bottom half. Project a bold personal style with this one-of-a-kind frame that would certainly stand out amidst a full head of black hair.

5. Ana - Square Green Glasses

Ana: Square Pear/Green Glasses

There's also quite a large selection for grey-haired individuals but we are strongly drawn to the fresh appearance of these pear green glasses. The Ana square frame has a classic look about it. The color makes the wearer look years younger, no matter how gray their hair might be. The splash of color along the arms also adds to the appeal of this stylish piece of eyewear.


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