What is my face shape? ultimate guide to choosing glasses

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There are six common face shapes and each of them has unique features that make them what they are. These unique features help you differentiate between a particular face shape and another one. With the help of these features, you can find out what looks good and doesn't look good on a particular face shape.

Face Shape and Glasses

Have you ever asked yourself, what is my face shape? If you have asked the question and still don't know what your face shape is, then you are in the right place. Your face shape is determined by your face features. These are the things that help you know what will and will not look good on your face.

Especially for eyeglass lovers. Eyeglasses are face wears, so knowing your face shape will help you choose a better eyeglass that complements your face shape. This article will talk about the different face shapes and the glasses that fit them the most.

Why is it important to understand your face shape?

Firstly, if you can figure out your face shape then you know what part of your face requires attention. At the same time, knowing your face shape helps you know the part of your face that doesn't need attention. Lastly, for guys, you can easily figure out a good haircut for your face shape. Whereas, the girls will know what hairstyle would fit them better.

What is my face shape?

Face shape chart:

chart of face shapes

A lot of people ask themselves this question and still don't know what their face shape is. Here are the six major face shapes, and glasses that fit them perfectly. This will definitely answer the common question which is "what is my face shape?"

1. What is oval shaped face

An oval-shaped face is described as proportional. Also, oval-shaped faces are usually long and at the same time, narrow. People who have oval-shaped faces possess round jawlines and round chins too. The widest part of an oval face is definitely the forehead.

Furthermore, people with oval-shaped faces can wear any eyeglass frame. However, round and rectangular eyeglass frames suit them better. These are the major eyeglass frames that complement an oval face shape .

A recommendation for people with oval-shaped faces is the Elizaveta oval eyeglasses.

Elizaveta: Oval Black Eyeglasses for Women

This product is not only fashionable but is also made with CR39 materials. The CR39 materials used to manufacture this product make it scratch and impact resistant.

2. What is round shaped face

Round-shaped faces are usually short. They also have soft contours and possess a broad hairline. Also, people with round-shaped faces usually have wide cheekbones. Their jawline and forehead possess the same width. However, the widest part of a round face is the cheekbone.

In addition, round faces look good on a variety of eyeglass frames. For instance, square, rectangular, cat-eye, and aviator frames. However, we recommend the Melusine square eyeglass for men and women.

Melusine: Square Purple/Blue/Pink Eyeglasses for Men and Women

The recommended eyeglass clearly has a square frame. This frame is designed to make the wearer look young. We recommended the Melusine square glass frame because of the fitting it gives to round faces. Finally, they go well for any occasion.

3. What is diamond shaped face

Most people don't know that there are people who possess diamond-shaped faces. It is a rare feature. Some people who possess this diamond-shaped face don't even know about it. Well, this is how they look. Firstly, their forehead and jawline are narrow.

At the same time, their jawline is longer than their forehead. Also, their cheeks are pointed and high. Before buying an eyeglass for your diamond-shaped face, consider giving the face a lighter look. That is, you need an eyeglass that will draw attention to your eyes. We recommend you buy a rectangle eyeglass. And Michael rectangle eyeglasses will definitely draw attention to your eyes.

Michael: Rectangle Fancy-Diamond Eyeglasses for Women

The lens used to manufacture this eyeglass has anti-scratch and anti-reflective features. The anti-reflective features help prevent glare. On the other hand, the anti-scratch glasses help put you at ease when handling them.

In addition, Michael rectangle eyeglasses are durable, lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. These features are courtesy of the TR90 materials used to manufacture them.

4. What is heart shaped face

This face shape is also rare but it is not as rare as a diamond-shaped face. A heart-shaped face is known to have a narrow chin. They also have high cheekbones with very broad brows. Heart-shaped faces look good in every eyeglass frame. However, they look better in oval, rectangular, rimless, cat-eye, and aviator frames. To be fair, aviator and cat-eye frames usually fit every face shape.

For heart-shaped faces, we recommend Jasmine round eyeglasses for women.

Jasmine: Round Silver Eyeglasses for Women

These are extremely cool glasses made with anti-reflective and anti-scratch materials. People who use these glasses expect little to no glare. As usual, the anti-scratch material makes handling these eyeglasses easy. Also, Jasmine round eyeglasses are flexible, lightweight, durable, and comfortable.

5. What is square shaped face (also known as oblong shaped face)

Square shaped faces are unique and have all the facial characteristics at equilibrium. The width of an oblong face is usually half the length of the face. Also, their jaws are slimmer than the temples and the chins are narrower than the forehead. Finally, the cheekbones are prevalent.

We strongly recommend Eithne oval eyeglasses for oblong-shaped faces.

Eithne: Oval Red Eyeglasses for Women

Apart from making oblong faces look very cool, these glasses have amazing features. For instance, it is manufactured with both anti-reflective and anti-scratch materials. Both materials obviously serve different purposes. The anti-reflective material helps reduce glare whereas the anti-scratch material helps avoid impact damage.

Finally, the TR90 material used in manufacturing this eyeglass makes it lightweight, flexible, and durable. Not only that but also, the TR90 material makes this eyeglass comfortable.

6. What is pear shaped face(also known as triangle shaped face)

How do you identify a pear-shaped face? Firstly, people with pear-shaped faces have a wide chin and a broad jawline. They have narrow heads and small cheeks. Also, the best eyeglass frame for pear-shaped faces is a brow line curved frame. A brow line curved frame helps put the dimensions of a pear-shaped face in equilibrium.

A recommendable eyeglass for pear-shaped faces is Abyssinia cat eye eyeglass.

Abyssinia: Cat-eye Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses for Women

These eyeglasses make you look smart and add style to your appearance. They are made with lightweight materials so you can wear them anytime. They are also perfect for both casual and decent looks.

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