High index lenses explained: pros, cons and more

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A high index lens is a kind of lens that is structured to be thinner and lighter than regular lenses. High index lenses are used only when prescribed by a doctor. In what situation do doctors recommend these high-minded lenses? They are for people who have high refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

On the other hand, regular prescription eyeglasses are usually made out of thicker and heavier lenses. These lenses are also useful for bending light and correcting high refractive error.

Glasses with high index lenses

What are high index lenses made of?

High index lenses are made with different plastic and glass materials. The plastic used to manufacture high-index lenses are usually denser than normal plastic. The same goes for the glass materials too.

These materials are denser than usual so that they can refract or bend light more efficiently. This is why high-index lenses work more effectively than standard lenses. Also, the term "index" comes from the material's ability to refract and bend light.

The high-index lens doesn't need as many materials as a standard lens, even if it is for the same prescription. Why does the high-index lens work with fewer materials than the standard lens? Well, the materials are denser, which is why the lenses are also thinner.

When should I get high index lenses?

Here are some of the things that make people buy high index lenses.


High-index lenses are not recommended for anyone without a prescription. Also, high-index lenses are not for mild vision problems. It should be a very strong vision prescription. Furthermore, strong prescriptions normally require you to wear a thicker standard lens, now, the thickness has been cut into half and replaced with density.

Also, you can ask an optometrist to recommend a lens type for your condition. Your condition is the criterion used to determine the best type of lens for you.

Your regular lens is making you uncomfortable because of its weight

The regular lens might be too heavy and so it slides down your nose. This is a very uncomfortable situation. This is why you might want to get a lighter lens. High-index lenses, as mentioned before, are very light and comfortable. Also, they work even better than regular lenses.

However, for your high index lens to be a perfect fit, you will have to make sure it is adjusted properly. This could make your eyeglass frames fall off your nose. Because they are not fitted perfectly. In addition, your frames have to rest properly on your ears, and also on the bridge of your nose.


If you don't like thick frames

Thick lenses require thick frames. It is very annoying sometimes when you pick out a frame and your thick regular lens isn't suitable for it. If your prescription requires you to get lenses that can fix your vision problems, then, go for high-index lenses so you can use lighter frames.

The best part is that since your high index lens is light, it can still work with thick frames. Therefore, you can select from a variety of frames because thick and light frames are suitable for your lens.


If you are having severe eye strain

Eye strain can be caused by a lot of things. One of the causes of eye strain is a corrective lens. It doesn't even matter if the corrective lens is prescribed properly. Furthermore, here is one major thing that your corrective lens does. It refracts light in a way that causes your eyes to focus and view items that are far and near.

With all of these going on, you will definitely experience some strain in your eyes. You use your eyes every day while these lenses are making them work more than they should. It is only natural for some strain to occur.


The bug-eye effects

When a normal person leaves the house, they try to look good. Looking good helps to improve your confidence in anything. A date, an interview, a board meeting, and any other instance. The bug-eye effect definitely messes up your chances of looking good. This issue occurs because of the use of thick lenses.

On the other hand, a lighter lens like the high-index lens will not give you this issue. Therefore, if you are facing this kind of problem, then, you have to switch to a high-index lens.

different high index lenses

Are high index lenses more expensive?

Yes, they are. These high index lenses are made to be thinner than any other lens. There are two procedures used to make these lenses thinner. They either use materials that have higher indices of refraction or use lenses that have tough materials suitable enough for minimum thickness.

The materials used to make these lenses thinner are very expensive. Also, shaping and polishing the lens to the prescription makes it even more expensive. The procedures are all very tough and the materials are too expensive, so the lens has to be expensive.


Advantages of high index lenses

Here are some of the benefits of using a high index lens for vision correction.

It has thinner lenses

Normally, the lenses are thicker if the prescription is strong. One problem with that is you have limited options of frames to choose from. Also, thicker frames are less attractive and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, high index light frames are thinner and more comfortable. Also, they are more attractive and fit with a wide variety of eyeglass frames.

It has lighter frames

High index lenses are not like regular lenses. They have lesser materials that make them more comfortable for the wearer.

Disadvantages of high index lenses

The major disadvantage of these lenses is the cost. High index lenses are above the budget of patients most times. Also, for durability and vision improvement, anti-scratch and anti-reflective materials are needed. These materials will be added to the price of the expensive lenses, making them even more expensive.

Furthermore, high index lenses are more fragile than regular lenses. This means that without the anti-scratch materials, you might end up spoiling your lens.

Best glasses frames for high index lenses

1. Emery


Emery: Cat-eye Gold-Purple Glasses

This deep purple Emery glasses has thin metal frame and popular cat-eye shape. All these elements make the eyeglasses a charming pair for many people, especially for those who love cat-eye shaped glasses.

2. Abigail

Abigail: Cat-eye Yellow Glasses

Brand new cat eye design makes this Abigail glasses look like a butterfly. The eye-catching yellow color can also make you look younger and more vibrant. If you want a pair to show your fashion taste, this cat eye glasses is just for you.

3. Jewel

Jewel: Round Black/Gold Titanium Glasses

Black and gold colors on this round glasses look classic and vintage. This Jewel titanium glasses is lightweight and durable, so it can last for a long time. If you're the one who loves vintage style, this Jewel glasses is highly recommended.

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