Glasses Frames

Glasses frames is a critical factor when choosing perfect eyewear for yourself. Nowadays, glasses frame is a hint of your taste, so right glasses frames can better show off your beauty and modify your face. Here are all the categories of Lensmart's glasses frames, pick your favorite one!

Can I just buy frames for my glasses?

Yes, you can only buy frames for your glasses, which is also called "frame only". However, this requires that the frames have the same lens diameter and distance between the lens and bridge as your old frames. If the frames are different models, they may not fit your old lenses or may not provide good visual correction.

Is it worth buying expensive glasses frames?

Yes. buying expensive glasses frames is worthwhile if you can afford them and need them for better visual correction and comfort. Expensive glasses frames are usually made of better materials, have more fashionable designs, and provide better wearing comfort with more functions. Read more.