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Glasses Frames

Glasses frames is a critical factor when choosing perfect eyewear for yourself. Nowadays, glasses frame is a hint of your taste, so right glasses frames can better show off your beauty and modify your face. Here are all the categories of Lensmart's glasses frames, pick your favorite one!

Cat Eye Glasses
Uplift your face, support your style and beautify your look. These are just several benefits of cat eye glasses and we can name more. Try it on to make a catchy look!
Round Glasses
Classic round glasses is one of the motifs of Harry Potter and other celebrities. These glasses frames will never be out of dated, so you can get one without hesitation!
Rectangle Glasses
Rectangle glasses have defined while slender frames. Such frames with clear angles usually leave people a strong impression which is cool and stylish.
Aviator Glasses
Used to be associated with pilots, aviator glasses still keep the cool and strong style nowadays. Being suitable with almost any face shape, they are excellent for everyone.
Square Glasses
Square glasses will never lose compared with other shapes of frames in terms of classic and retro style. Their angular shape can also balance rounded facial features.
Oval Glasses
Oval frames are wonderful choice for those who want to have a bookish and gentle look. These oval glasses are stylish and go well with most face shapes.
Round Sunglasses
Round sunglasses are timeless and vintage shape. You can choose tinted lenses with various colors and frames with different patterns from Lensmart.
Cat Eye Sunglasses
Attractive cat eye sunglasses has the magic to hook people's attention. Once you wear it on, it's hard to take it off because you'll definitely be bewitched by it.
Rectangle Sunglasses
Rectangle frames are enable to shape multiple looks with styles ranging from classic to casual. These versatile frame shapes is always worthy of getting one.
Aviator Sunglasses
Wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses, one may easily be more confident because the aviator sunglasses will make you feel like a pilot who just finished missions.
Square Sunglasses
Square sunglasses always has a place in fashion industry. They can always make you fashionable and stylish through their oversized frame.
Oval Sunglasses
These oval sunglasses have soft-curved edges which perfectly modify your strong facial features and add a gentle touch to you. Choose it if you prefer the style!
Oval Clip On Sunglasses
Convenient clip-ons and oval shaped frames, you can enjoy both eyeglasses and sunglasses in an affordable price. Various oval clip-ons are waiting for you!
Square Clip On Sunglasses
Big square clip-ons keep the elegant touch of square sunglasses. Here are several collections of square clip-ons at a reasonable price, and you shouldn't miss them.
Aviator Clip On Sunglasses
Always having the cool style, what aviator clip-ons offer you will absolutely more than your expectation. Aviator clip-on sunglasses will never let you down.
Rectangle Clip On Sunglasses
Rectangle clip-ons are both functional and aesthetic. Made by high-quality material, these clip-ons are lightweight and it is convenient for you to take it on and off.
Cat Eye Clip On Sunglasses
Being one of the most stylish shapes of sunglasses, cat-eye clip-on sunglasses must be on your shopping list. Elegant and timeless cat-eye clip-ons is your brilliant choice.
Round Clip On Sunglasses
With the vintage characteristics of round sunglasses, round clip-on sunglasses must be popular among fashionists and creatives. Get one and try it on!
Oversized Sunglasses
Oversized sunglasses are one of the more popular styles and have been worn extensively by men and women.
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