Glasses Lenses

Lensmart is committed to providing our customers with the best lenses for glasses. Lenses are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring that they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Below glasses lenses are all available.

How to choose glasses lenses?

The first step is to choose the lens materials and types, such as single vision, bifocal, progressive, etc. Additionally, you may consider the thickness of the lenses, as thinner lenses are more aesthetically pleasing and less bulky than thicker ones. Next, lens coatings should be considered, as they can improve lens performance and enhance visual acuity.

Why are glasses lenses expensive?

Glasses lenses are made from resin, which can be relatively expensive. The higher the quality of the resin used, the higher the cost of the lenses. Additionally, they possess unique optical characteristics that must meet certain standards to ensure effective vision correction and maintain eye health. Nevertheless, at Lensmart, you will find them to be affordable.