Eyeglasses color guide: what color fits you best?

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Choosing the right color for your next pair of eyeglasses is of critical importance. After all, you will be wearing them on your face every day. So choosing a frame that suits your facial features, skin tone, hair, and eye color, as well as your sense of style, can be quite a challenge. Luckily, we are here to show you how to pick the perfect color for you and even provide some recommendations, which would be very helpful when you are unsure what color glasses should you get.

Eyeglasses with black color

Why should we consider skin tone?

Skin tone is often overlooked when choosing the correct eyewear for you. But in actual fact, it's crucial you pay attention to your skin tone when picking out that perfect pair. Hair color and eye color always come secondary to skin tone in terms of importance.


When choosing eyewear, it is not only essential to consider your overall skin tone but also the undertone. Your skin's surface tone is the color you would describe yourself as having, for example, pale, tan, dark. Your skin's undertone is the color beneath the surface. Undertones can be broken up into three different categories: cool (pink or blue undertones), warm (yellow, peachy, golden undertones), and neutral (a mixture of both warm and cool tones).


The eyeglasses colors that look best for light skin

Eyeglasses for Light Skin

Most people with light to fair skin will have a cool skin tone. If this sounds like you, with blue-ish veins and pink or blue undertones, then opt for icy tones such as grey and silver. If you want a bit more color, then try dark blue, green, and rosy pinks. As a general rule, you will want to avoid yellowy greens, ambers, and any bright colors that will emphasize your skin's paleness. Bright colors can make you look washed out and similarly avoid white and beige.


For light skin with cool tones, I suggest the Zo frames in black and silver. These simple wire frames with an intriguing shape will compliment your skin tone with the grey and silver tones and draw interest with the polygonal shape. If you wanted something with a bit more color, I would choose the Joska lenses in pink or the Nekane or Mirja frames.


If you have light skin with a warm peachy cast with green and yellow undertones, then try warm-toned neutrals like champagne golds, copper, tortoise brown, and olive. You may also want to avoid bright colors, which may emphasize the paleness of your skin, giving you a washed-out look. But that choice is up to you, there are no rules in fashion, simply guidance some people enjoy that washed out appearance, but it isn't exactly popular.


I would suggest Dakota in tortoiseshell or Wyatt in gold and black for light skin with a warm tone. This will make the most of the warm tones in your skin.


The eyeglasses colors that look best for medium skin

Eyeglasses for Medium Skin

If you have medium to tanned skin, then you are more likely to have a warm undertone with yellows and greens affecting your overall skin tone. Generally speaking, you will look good in copper, bronze, gold, and most solid color frames. Look out for Tortoise or tiger stripe or if you want something different, try a leafy green like a fern or avocado shade. You could also experiment with tones of red for a bold look.


For warm medium skin, I would suggest the red Ozara cat-eye glasses frames or, alternatively, the Hudson green frames.


For those with a medium skin tone but a cool undertone, you can use neutral tones such as copper and champagne gold. You could also opt for shades of blueish grey and greenish-blue; for example, teal would be a good choice.


If you have a medium, cool skin tone, I suggest the Kimiko tortoiseshell aviators or the Indira in blue.


As a general rule, those with medium skin tones should avoid pastels (unless you are particularly tanned) and whites, as you will want to avoid any colors too close to your skin tone.


The eyeglasses colors that look best for deep skin

Eyeglasses for Deep Skin

Opting for lighter colors may be the clear choice for darker skin tones as this creates contrast, but there are a whole host of colors you can use to compliment your skins' undertones. But as a general rule of thumb, avoid browns or blacks, which are too close to your skin tone, but tones of black and brown aren't entirely off the table.


For dark skin with warm undertones, I suggest hues of red and brown to best compliment your undertones. I would recommend the Zivanka in red or the Nell also in red for this skin tone. You can also complement it with metallic golds, tiger stripe, and other warm brown shades.


Blues will boost and compliment your skin tone best if you have dark skin with cool undertones. Try onyx, grays, and also deep shades of green. I would suggest the Caoimhe cat-eye frames for this skin tone or the blue Magnet frames.


If you have darker skin, you can pull off all sorts of vivid shades since any striking color will appear muted on darker skin. So go wild, try them all. Take full advantage of this and try every color under the rainbow. You can't really go wrong. 

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