How to find the best glasses for long faces?

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Someone with a long face is usually an easy target for mockers. Because most people with long faces don’t know they are considered to have the best face shape for eyeglasses. Similar to how huge people look good in suits, also, long faces look cool with eyeglasses, especially the large frames. Large frame glasses make long-faced people look cool, especially for women.

Also, people with long faces should consider thicker frames. Not only that, but also frames with decorations that will draw all the attention to their eyes.

Glasses for long faces

What frame glasses suit long faces well?

Just like every other face shape, there are specific glasses frames that fit long faces perfectly. Here are the best frames and glasses for long faces.

1.Square Glasses

Square glasses make long faced people look hip. The sharp edges that square glasses have, give long faces an equilibrium. It also helps complement the narrow feature that a long face possesses. Furthermore, square frames are recommended for people with long faces because the square frames are wider than their cheekbones. Long faces have narrow cheekbones so the width of the square glasses will definitely make them look cool.

2.Two-toned glasses

One abundant feature of long faces is the narrow feature. Well, two-toned glasses help make long faces appear broad. Also, two-toned glasses are colored and designed only at the top. The color and design help to draw attention to the eyes.

3.Thick Frame Glasses

Thick frame eyeglasses sometimes give you a nerd look. However, they are trending and are also perfect for people with long faces. Some celebrities that have long faces like Liv Tyler and Adam Levine have been spotted rocking thick frame glasses. The thick frames give long faces a balanced look. Also, these thick frames broaden your face.

4.Aviator Glasses

Firstly, aviator glasses are very cool. It suits nearly every face shape. Fortunately, one of the face shapes it complements is the long face. Now you know why we said that long faces are not to be mocked.

Five best glasses for long faces

This cool looking face shape has different glasses that complement its shape. Here are some of the best glasses for long faces.

1. Amidala - square blue eyeglasses for men and women

Square Blue Eyeglasses for Men and Women

Amidala is an extremely comfortable eyeglass frame. Some of the features of this square eyeglass include being lightweight, flexible, and durable. Also, the TR90 frame makes it extra comfortable for wearers.

Furthermore, the lens is coated with anti-scratch materials. This anti-scratch coating on the eyeglass helps keep the glasses from getting scratched.

2. Graziella - square blue eyeglasses for women

Square Tortoiseshell/Blue Eyeglasses for Women

The lens on Graziella has both anti-reflective and anti-scratch features. These frames prevent the wearer from experiencing glare from extremely bright light. Also, the anti-scratch material that it has will help ease the pressure of handling the glasses.

Just like every other quality glass, this product is manufactured with TR90 materials. These materials make these eyeglasses lightweight, flexible, and long-lasting. Finally, the TR90 materials are responsible for making your eyeglasses easy to use.

3. Siobhan - square tortoiseshell eyeglasses for women

Square Pink/Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses for Women

The Siobhan square glasses frames are made with TR90 materials. They are also manufactured with top-notch quality lenses. The Siobhan square glasses are made in numerous colors. The designs are extremely spectacular. Finally, it is one of those eyeglasses that draw attention to your eyes easily.

4. Bailey - square clear eyeglasses for women

Square Clear Eyeglasses for Women

Firstly, Bailey are made with anti-reflective and anti-scratch materials. The Bailey square glasses help to repel glare for the wearer. Also, the anti-scratch feature keeps you at ease when using this eyeglass. In addition, these eyeglasses have TR90 materials that keep them flexible enough for users. Also, the TR90 materials make them durable and lightweight. Finally, they are very comfortable.


5. Lexi round colorful eyeglasses for women

Round Blue-Purple Eyeglasses for Women

Lexi are high-quality round eyeglasses. They are manufactured with anti-reflective and anti-scratch materials. Therefore, wearers don't experience glare when wearing these eyeglasses. In addition, the anti-scratch materials help you handle the frames properly. Also, the TR90 and metal materials in the frames make them lightweight, durable, and flexible. In essence, the materials used to make these eyeglasses are there to make sure the wearer is comfortable.

Long-faced people have a lot of eyeglass options. Some frames offer a casual look whereas others make you look cool. Long-faced people are privileged to always find a frame that suits their personality.

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