What face shape best suits round glasses?

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Since the 1960s and 1970s, round glasses have been a popular fashion accessory. The simple round or circle glasses, sometimes known as tea shades, have long been regarded a fashion standard among pop superstars such as John Lennon, Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, and Andy Warhol, as well as more current celebrities such as Kendall Jenner.

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If you enjoy round glasses but aren't sure how to wear them like the stars, keep reading to find more about the round glasses frames, how to wear round glasses and which face shapes suits round glasses.

Why should you wear round glasses?

Round glasses have a curved, circular-shaped lens that flatters the face and blends in with your facial characteristics naturally. With a simple pair of circular lenses, the emphasis is brought to your face rather than your attire or height. So, if you want eyeglasses that draw attention to you rather than your attire, round glasses are ideal.

Which face shape looks good in round glasses?

In round glasses, angular features with a square jawline look best. With a prominent jawline and broad forehead, cheeks, and chin, square-shaped faces are a unique facial shape. Round glasses look great on faces that are rectangular, oblong, or oval and have prominent features.

Round, large, and thin frames compliment bold features best. Round and oval frames soften sharp features and give a person's face a more balanced, softer appearance.

Is this to say that someone with a round face can't wear circular glasses? Absolutely not! Wearing edgy, eccentric circle spectacles, especially if the frames are translucent, might help a round-faced individual unleash their inner diva or super star.

1. Square Shaped Faces

Square face shape

All round glasses shapes look good on square faces. Square shape is considered as a modern face shape. Many fantastic pairs of round eyeglasses can complement your features if you have a square-shaped face. Square faces have the broadest jaw and forehead in terms of proportion. Because this form is defined by a strong jawline, glasses that rest high on the nose lend length to the face, which flatters it.

Choose a dark and contoured frame rather than an angular one to bring attention to your best features. A round eyeglass frame will soften and contrast your angular features, drawing attention to your face. Rimless and semi rimless frames are excellent places to begin.

2. Heart Shaped Faces

Heart face shape

There are several glasses that are suitable for those with heart-shaped features. Heart-shaped features are broadest at the brow, with a narrow chin and prominent cheekbones. Find round or oval shaped eyeglass frames that are thin and softly tinted if you want to appear you are finest and brightest. The objective is to bring emphasis to the top of your face while also adding balance to the breadth of your face.

Consider round frames that are slightly broader than your brow to enhance and balance your face features. A rimless design is very appealing if you want to soften your angular features.

3. Pear Shaped Faces

Pear face shape

Pear face (or triangle face) features have a wide, square jawline but, unlike square faces, have a narrow forehead. If you believe you have a pear facial shape, it's recommended to select round glasses designs, highlighting your best features and enhancing your look to its maximum potential.

Round frames are a fantastic choice for triangular facial types since they make the top of your face appear wider. Try round shaped frames with a lot of color and embellishments on the top to add breadth to a small forehead. That will complement the lower part of your face and provide balance to your appearance.

Best Round Glasses for Men and Women

1. Nevaeh Round Glasses

Nevaeh: Round Tortoiseshell Glasses

The tortoiseshell pattern of this Nevaeh glasses adds a touch of elegance and classicism to the glasses, making it appear more classic and sophisticated. Also, the frame is made of a gold metal, enhancing the overall luxury and fashionable appearance.

2. Joyce Round Glasses

Joyce: Round Transparent-Purple Glasses

The frame of the Joyce glasses is well-crafted and features rounded edges that provide a comfortable fit for the wearer. Its classic shape adds a touch of contrast and further enhance the glasses' modern appearance.

3. Kaz Round Glasses

Kaz: Round Black-Silver Glasses

The Kaz glasses is a minimalist design that exudes a stylish look. This round glasses is made of lightweight metal, providing a comfortable and wearable option for those who prefer a sleek and unobtrusive accessory.

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