Nose pads for glasses explained (also called nose pieces)

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Eyeglasses wearers know that nose pads are one of the essential accessories to ensure they get a good snug fit when wearing them. Eyeglass nose pads separate the wearer's nose from the rim of the frames. It is a small piece hidden between the face and the glasses frame. More importantly, its purpose is to provide comfort for those wearing eyeglasses.


Glasses with nose pads

Types of nose pads for glasses

There are instances where your glasses will not fit accordingly. It would be a waste to replace them immediately. Hence you need something to provide a snug fit to your glasses. Here lies the essence of nose pads.


In fact, they come in different kinds:


1. Adhesive. Most of these nose pads come in 3M adhesive, allowing them to stick in place for an extended period. This type of nose pad is suitable for those who have frames made of plastic. The silicon material makes frames more comfortable and prevents them from slipping down from your face.

2. Screw-in. As the name suggests, these are nose pads with screws on them. Remember that some manufacturers do not provide new screws when purchasing screw-in nose pads. It is best to keep the original screws with you. Screw-in nose pads prolong the life of your eyeglasses.

3. Push-in. You will know that it is a push-in nose pad through the rectangular shape of its back. Wearers have to push the nose pad into the rectangular flange. Ensure they are secure, then you are good to go.

4. Slide-in. There's a round protrusion on the backside of these nose pads. Also, the bump includes a little lip on its outer edge. The lip allows the nose pads to slide into the eyeglasses and secure the fit.

5. Clip-on. These are pronged nose pads made of metal clasps on the backside. The prongs will clip onto the post, permanently fastened to every nasal side of the glasses.


Pros and cons of nose pads

Using nose pads on your glasses reduces the load on the nose bridge, providing comfort when wearing eyeglasses. Also, glasses with nose pads give a non-slip effect, especially for wearers with lower nose bridges. It indeed is convenient to have excellent nose pads for glasses, so you do not have to stress about holding your eyeglasses all the time.

While nose pads for glasses give comfort for most people, there are instances when these eyeglasses accessories bring some discomfort. For example, some wearers may find them leaving red marks or indentations on their noses. The marks can affect nose pads, but not entirely. In most cases, there will be red marks if the eyeglasses do not fit well on the face.

Additionally, some nose pads will not give the comfort wearers expect due to the materials. Every manufacturer has their way of making these nose pads. Consequently, they may cause some irritation to the wearer.

How often should I change nose pads on glasses?

It will highly depend on the material used for the nose pads. Some wear off quickly; hence you might have to get a replacement more frequently than usual. In most cases, sellers advise you to change your nose pads. For others, they usually change their nose pads every six months.

How to choose the right glasses with nose pads

Choosing the perfect eyeglasses means that they fit comfortably while wearing them. Before you choose the material for your nose pads, it pays to consider the material and color of your eyeglasses frame. Several wire-frame eyeglasses come with small metal attachments, making removing and replacing the nose pads easier. On the other hand, thick and plastic frames usually do not have such.

If you choose the latter, it is beneficial to invest in the adhesive nose pads that actually work like a sticker. You can easily take them off and press them directly onto the frame. More importantly, it is best for you to choose the colors of the nose pads for glasses that compliment your frames.

Also, ensure you get durable frames with materials that will not bring irritations to your skin. Remember that some nose pads might have materials that can trigger allergic reactions.

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