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Learning Hub

There is some specific knowledge that you must know before purchasing a pair of right glasses, so our learning hub was created. You will surely know further about picking glasses after browsing these guides.

Eyeglasses trends 2023: popular glasses styles
Before you purchase glasses you like, it might also be great to know the trend of glasses frame styles and colors this 2023.
Try on glasses online: virtual tool
While not everyone knows that most glasses stores have this feature on their website, you should also understand how virtual try on glasses benefit consumers.
How to measure pupillary distance
There are a number of elements that are necessary for your prescription. Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance, in millimeters, between the center of one pupil to the center of the other.
What is CYL, AXIS and SPH in eye prescription?
CYL, AXIS and SPH are related to eyes and different changes in human eyes. CYL stands for “Cylinder”, "AXIS" for “Axis” and SPH for “Sphere”.
How to read eye prescription
A separate eye prescription allows you to have the option of choosing frames from different outlets, and it is important for you to know how to read eye prescription.
Eyeglasses color guide: what color fits you best?
Choosing the right color for your next pair of glasses that suits your facial features, skin tone, hair, and eye color is of critical importance.
What is my face shape? guide to choosing glasses
With the help of unique features of different face shapes, you can find out what looks good and doesn't look good on a particular face shape.
The best and the worst way to clean your glasses
To keep the vision safe and healthy, it is mandatory to keep your eyes and glasses away from those things which are harmful.
How to choose the right eyeglasses for seniors?
Glasses for seniors are meant to provide older people with clear sights to counter the natural process of aging.
How to find the right glasses for kids?
If there were unbreakable eyeglasses, these would definitely be the best type for any kid.
Explained: Why do new glasses make you dizzy?
There are situations where you'll feel dizzy when wearing new glasses. This usually applies to people wearing new prescription glasses.
Optometrist vs ophthalmologist
If you need to get your eyes checked, do you know which eye care professional to go to? Every eye doctor plays a significant role in your eye health.
Nearsighted vs farsighted vision: differences and glasses guides
Both nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) are called refractive errors, which refer to the abnormality of the eye that affects its ability to bend light.
Everything about an eye exam you should know
Going for eye exams is not an indication that something is wrong; rather it should be done just to make sure that nothing is wrong.
What are 20/10, 20/20, and 20/40 vision?
Optometrists generally use various equipment to check the quality of your vision. You might be wondering how 20/10, 20/20, and 20/40 vision differs from each other.
Glasses measurement: how to know your frame size?
While you can purchase glasses quickly at the store, some are meticulous to check measurements before buying. In reality, there are specific frame sizes for your glasses.
What affect the thickness of glasses lenses?
To understand why these thick lenses exist, one needs to know about the refractive index, frame size, pupillary distance, and prescription value.
How to know if you need glasses?
When it comes to spectacles, it isn't always simple to tell when you need them. Adjustments in vision might be deceptive. Click to read the ten signs when you need glasses.
How to remove scratches from glasses: dos and don'ts
It is annoying that the lens has slight damage or got scratches. Here are several ways that you can remove these scratches by yourself.
How to clean your eyeglasses properly: detailed steps
Cleaning glasses is an important part for maintaining a pair of glasses and here are detailed steps for you.
Explained: how to adjust your glasses at home properly
A pair of suitable glasses is crucial. What should you do when your glasses is crooked? Here are some tips to help you adjust the glasses.
What are eyeglasses made of?
Has the question ever crossed your mind—what are glasses made of? You'll learn more about them after reading.
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