How to find the right purple glasses?

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Have you been wearing the same pair of glasses for decades? If that's the case, your glasses may be causing you to age prematurely.

Although you may need eyeglasses for function as you get older, it doesn't mean you can't select fashionable eyewear that makes you look younger. Are you ready to brighten up your glasses with purple frames that exude a sense of young exuberance? We've compiled some pointers to assist you in getting started.

Do purple glasses make people look younger?

Purple glasses are a fashionable way to add a splash of color to any outfit. This classic pick is flattering on all skin tones and eye hues. For everyone, there's a perfect purple color! When coupled with a purple frame, your eyes appear even more powerful and brilliant.

Warm purple tones may bring out brown eyes' hazel flecks, while cold purple tones like lilac make blue eyes shine and glitter. We offer a terrific assortment of purple eyeglasses at lensmart, including all colors of purple. There's a gorgeous purple complement for every personality, from mauve to orchid, eggplant to violet spectacles.

Purple glasses frame

Purple eyeglass frames may be customized with high-quality prescription lenses. Single vision, bifocals, progressives, and transition lenses are among our Rx prescription alternatives. This implies that wearing a purple frame will not only make you seem fashionable but will also provide you with maximum clarity and vision. Forget rose-colored glasses; now is the moment to see the world via colorful purple lenses.

What lenses color suits purple glasses frames best?

colored glasses lenses don't just create a fashion statement; they also aid to block light from entering your eyes. They do it in different ways depending on the lens color.

Some eyewear tints make colors look more vibrant by enhancing them. color distortion, glare reduction, light blocking, and even improved visual acuity are all benefits of tinting. However, not all colored glasses are appropriate for all situations and frames.

Purple lens choices are available for frames that are purple or frames with purple embellishments. When the purple lenses are a shade darker or lighter than your glasses, it looks best. It might be really popular to wear the millennial purple mood and try Rose Gold lenses in your glasses, depending on the shade of pink you have.

Chrome, Grey, Carbon, and Grey Gradient are recommended if you don't have any. Another good choice is clear. If you have a purple accented frame, we recommend Nova, Cosmic, or Rose Gold lenses. The color of your lenses should match the decorations on your frames for a colorful look.

Tips to select best purple glasses

purple glasses of Lensmart

The color of your glasses may make a significant impact on how you seem. Consider picking a style that either compliments or contrasts with your hair color, eye color, and skin tone when selecting purple frames, depending on the look you want to achieve.

1. Select purple glasses according to your eye color

Choose a purple color that is opposing yet complementary to your eye color if you want to go for a bold, vibrant appearance.

If your eyes are grey, to add a pop of color to your ensemble, go for dark purple frames. Because grey is such a neutral color, practically any purple tone will complement grey eyes.

2. Select purple glasses according to your hair color

Hair follows the same guidelines as eyes: depending on the mood you're going for, your purple frames can add a subtle touch or make a bold statement to your whole appearance. When it comes to picking glasses for your hair color, there are a few factors to consider.

With black hair, dark purple frames like Tyrian or real plum appear extremely elegant, helping to create a stylish, cohesive image. Brighter colors, on the other hand, will create a strong contrast, which is ideal if you want to make a statement.

White or grey hair offers the perfect neutral palette, making it a wonderful hair color for those who prefer to try out new styles. Purple frames will offer a flash of excitement to your ensemble, while brighter or deeper purple colors will seem effortlessly elegant.

Best purple glasses for men & women

1. Alicia - Oval Purple Glasses

Alicia: Oval Deep/Purple-Light/Purple Glasses

This Alicia glasses boasts a cool and stylish design, with a gradient purple frame that exudes a sense of luxury and elegance. Its gradient purple color also adds a vibrant and upbeat touch to the overall design, making the glasses a perfect choice for those who want to make a fashion statement.

2. Joyce - Round Purple Glasses

Joyce: Round Transparent-Purple Glasses

With a round frame that exudes a sense of elegance and style, this Joyce glasses features a classic and timeless design. The frame is made from high-quality metal and TR90 material, with a light purple hue that adds a touch of class to the overall look.

3. Hyatt - Aviator Purple Glasses

Hyatt: Aviator Purple-Brown Glasses

As an ideal choice for fashion-conscious individuals, this Hyatt glasses exudes a cool and stylish vibe. The frame is circular in shape, with a deep purple color that is both vibrant and fashion-forward. The deep purple frame is eye-catching and adds a touch of uniqueness to the design.

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