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What face shape best suits cat eye glasses?

Lensmart 2021-09-08 15:57:42

Cat eye glasses or retro-shaped glasses have made a big comeback that adds beauty to your look. 

A fashion lady wearing cat eye glasses

This is the modern world and people love to wear those glasses that give them a unique classy look. In cat eye glasses, the outer edges are upsweep and the temples of these glasses join the front of the frame. The amazing fact is that these cat eye glasses make you feel fashionable along with chic. 

The people working in different firms can easily use these glasses because they are attractive and people feel comfortable while wearing them during duty hours. The benefit of cat eye glasses lies in the fact that they are best for uplifting the face. They are best to enhance the features of the face and give moderate look to the face shape. The interesting thing about cat eye glasses is that the upper area width is wider as compared to the bottom area width. 

These shaped glasses help to draw the attention of others towards the eyes of those people who are wearing them. These glasses suit on different types of face shapes. These seem best for the chubby face. They are also best suitable for the oval and round face shape. Depending on the shape of the face, you can select the best color of these glasses, and don’t get panic about the shape of your face because they are best for different shapes.

1. Oval Face Shape

You are the lucky person if you have an oval face shape because all frame shapes can suit an oval face shape. Cat eyes are best suitable for this face because the frame width is made by keeping in view the shape of the face. The people with oval face shapes basically have rounded chin and forehead so these frames are best known to enhance the beauty of the oval face shape. It is your choice which color you want to select, the black, brown or other colors are available. The facial features of the oval face shape people are proportioned equally so, it’s really amazing to give your face a unique appearance with these cat eye specs.

       women with oval face shape

2. Round Face Shape

Round faces are short having the features of the full cheeks along with the wider forehead. The jawline becomes softer with a round chin. The perfect choice to use for the round face shape is the cat eye glasses because these glasses have a squared-off frame and the angular frame won’t suit on round face shape. They are highly recommended to sharp the features of the face.

       women with round face shape

3. Heart-Shaped Face

The people with heart-shaped faces seem to have a wider forehead that typically narrows down and the cheekbones of these people are pronounced. This type of face shape is perfect and the classic cat eye glasses give fantastic look and show off the cheekbone in an alluring way. The different stylish cat eye glasses frames are available to give a heart-shaped face a pretty appearance.

       women with heart face shape

4. Square Face Shape

The people with square face shape feel happy to hear that cat eyes glasses work best for their face as well. Those people who are eyewear lovers and have square faces can attain the chance to become expressive and bold as well. Cat eye glasses not only suits the above-mentioned face shape but they also suit on the people with the square face shape. When there is a square face, the jaw, cheekbones as well as forehead will be of the same width so using cat eye specs on such face is an interesting way to make the face looks sharp and unique.

       women with square face shape


5. Oblong Face shape

The round lenses are the main key feature of cat eye glasses. An oblong face is actually a long face and when you have long face, you don’t need to worry about the suitability of the eyeglasses on such face. The round lenses of the cat eye specs make your oblong face look charming because cat eyes glasses not only own one type of frame but different stylish frames are available. All frames have a distinctive style and you can use the frame of choice while going out for work or for a party.

women with oblong face shape

Cat eye glasses hold various benefits as they suit on a variety of people’s face shape. It depends on the facial features of people and you should try to select those frames that perfectly suit your face. Cat eye specs give a vintage flare touch.

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