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Differences of ophthalmologist and optometrist explained
Many people find it hard to differentiate between ophthalmologist and optometrist. Every eye doctor plays a significant role in your eye health.
What vitamin is good for eye health?
Eye issues stem from multiple things, and vitamin deficiencies can be one of the causes of eye problems. One might wonder if they need vitamins for their eyes to be healthier.
All about eye yoga
Many people think yoga has to do with the mind and other body parts with the exclusion of the eyes. However, the eyes need yoga too to stay fit. Continue reading to know more.
Nearsighted vs farsighted vision: differences and glasses guides
Have you ever been asked whether you know the difference between nearsighted vs. farsighted eye vision? Here’s the guide that answers it for you.
Eye care: 6 useful tips to relieve dry eye
If you suffer from or have experienced dry eye, you know how unpleasant it can be, especially during the daytime. Dry eye is a condition wherein your tear glands fail to produce enough quality tears to nourish your eye.
Everything about an eye exam you should know
Why is an eye exam important?
What are 20/10, 20/20, and 20/40 vision?
Optometrists generally use various equipment to check the quality of your vision. You sure might be wondering how 20/10, 20/20, and 20/40 vision differs from each other.
What does it mean when your left or right eye is twitching?
Eye twitching is a common phenomenon many of us experience from time to time but it doesn’t always mean that something has gone terribly wrong with our vision
How does astigmatism affect glasses lens thickness?
Many people are born with a common vision problem called astigmatism, which is caused by irregularly shaped corneas in parts of the eye.
How to know if you need glasses?
When it comes to spectacles, it isn't always simple to tell when you need them. Adjustments in vision might be deceptive. They don't suddenly appear one day as hazy vision, trouble seeing small print or street indicators, or night impaired vision.
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