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Glasses Styles

Glasses themselves have multiple styles. Some are trendy, and others vintage. Lensmart collects a wide variety of frames in a broad range of styles, so you can choose whichever style that you prefer.

Trendy Glasses
If you're worried about whether your glasses are trendy now, just browse the glasses here and you will find your answer from Lensmart's trendy glasses.
Vintage Glasses
Lensmart's vintage glasses will remind you those icons in old movies. These vintage glasses can provide you a striking look which will never be out of date.
Casual Glasses
Casual style suit every daily occasion. In addition, glasses with casual style can also go well with outfits of other styles and make you feel comfortable.
Stylish Glasses
Stylish glasses can say more about your personality and preference than your clothes. Lensmart offers you various stylish glasses to help you show your attitude.
Blue Light Glasses
In these years, we have been exposed to screens more and more. Blue light glasses can block blue light from screens for you, helping you eliminate eye strain.
Reading Glasses
You can quickly know the function from its name. Reading glasses help those who have diminished vision like presbyopia to focus on small words more easily.
Rimless Glasses
Rimless glasses are lightweight and comfortable. Without thick frame, rimless glasses can fully show off your natural beauty. Just give these glasses a shot!
Metal Frame Glasses
Metal frames always offer a modern and sophisticated look to you. Also, they are more durable and lightweight than other types of materials.
Cute Glasses
A pair of cute glasses will definitely makes you look stylish and adorable. Lensmart selects some cutest glasses for you to help you gain more confidence.
Nerd Glasses
The comment of nerd glasses may be controversial. Some think they're too bookish to be stylish while others think they're gentle and can make them look smart.
Hipster Glasses
Hipster glasses is a brilliant tool for you to make a fashion statement. These glasses can perfectly show off your attitude, and let others know you're cool.
Designer Glasses
Designer glasses are worthy of buying for 100%. Once you try it on, you will clearly feel the difference between designer glasses and regular glasses.
Cool Glasses
Many people dislike glasses because they think glasses aren't cool. But now they will change their mind. Lensmart's cool glasses will definitely wow them.
Safety Glasses
As a perfect eyewear which can fully protect your eyes, safety glasses provide a strong protection for you against dust, debris, sparks and so on.
Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized lenses use a chemical film in order to mitigate the glare that is typically embedded or applied to the lenses. This chemical filter then removed the glare on the polarized sunglasses.
Cheap Glasses
When it comes to shopping for cheap glasses, Lensmart is one of the best places and has made glasses' price down to $6.95.
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