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Glasses For Face Shapes

Being confused of choosing what types of glasses? Don't worry, Lensmart lists the best glasses specially for different face shapes. You can choose eyewear on the basis of your face shape.

Glasses for Oval Faces
Those who have oval faces fit with most frame shapes. Generally speaking, square, rectangle, round and oval glasses can all on your shopping list.
Glasses for Round Faces
Round faces have soft and rounded curves. People with this face shape can wear rectangle or square glasses to balance your soft facial features.
Glasses for Diamond Faces
The key to create a balance for diamond face is to wear a pair of oval or cat-eye glasses, for it can highlight the natural beauty of your face shape.
Glasses for Heart Shaped Faces
There are many types of glasses can go well with heart-shaped faces. For those with heart-shaped faces, you can choose oval, cat-eye or rimless glasses.
Glasses for Triangular Faces
To balance your defined jawline, people with triangular face can choose aviator or cat-eye glasses, which can emphasize the upper part of your face.
Glasses for Square Faces
Many pairs of glasses can flatter people with square faces. In general, you can add oval or round glasses in your shopping list because they can soften your angular features.
Glasses for Small Faces
For people with small faces, rectangular frames, cat eye frames, and oval frames are all excellent choices.
Glasses for Long Faces
Aviator glasses, thick frame glasses, square glasses, and two-toned glasses are friendly to people with long faces and make them look cool.
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