Ultimate guide to choosing the best frames for glasses

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Shopping for the best frames for glasses allows you to explore accessories that define your style and personality. It's a fun activity—only that the wide range of options can feel overwhelming in the long run! While there is no right or wrong in choosing eyewear, having a guide can help immensely. Here are the basics of buying the most suitable glasses frames that work best for you!

Glasses Frames

Why do frames of glasses matter?

The most apparent purpose of a glass frame is to protect the lens material. Supposing you drop your eyeglasses, the sturdiness of the frame protects your eyewear from completely shattering. It maintains the integrity of your eyeglasses and ensures that they last for the recommended shelf-life.

In addition, the frame you choose can dictate your overall appearance. It's a small piece but can provide a positive impact on your outfit. Any plain and simple clothing can become more eye-catching with a uniquely designed frame. Conversely, classic style glasses in solid colors can add a chic aesthetic to your getup.

The type of frame can also affect your comfort, especially if you are a prescription glasses user. Those who wear eyeglasses to see better need a frame that can be worn for hours. You need to look for a pair that is lightweight and does not distract your vision in any way.

How to choose the right frame for your glasses?

What kind of frames for glasses should you buy? There are several factors you can consider when picking a design that fits you best. However, you should always remember to prioritize your comfort and preference as the wearer.

Choose by face shape

A common practice of eyewear shoppers is matching their frame selection to their face shape. The general rule is to choose a pair that is opposite to the face shape. For example, if you have a round face, you can sharpen your facial features by wearing round or curvy frames. On the other hand, people with angular face shapes can soften their features by using round or oval glasses.

Here's a quick guideline on how to match the frame with the eyewear shape.

1.Round face: Frames that improve symmetry, making the face appear longer and slimmer. Recommended frames: square, rectangle.

2.Square face: Glasses sitting high on the nose bridge and with round lenses are ideal for this face shape. Recommended frames:round, oval.

3.Oval face: Frames featuring a strong nose bridge and geometric angles are suitable. Recommended frames: square, rectangle, cat-eye.

4.Rectangle face: Glasses that make the face look less elongated are a top option for rectangular faces. Recommended frames:round, oval, cat-eye.

5.Heart-shaped face: Frames that keep attention away from the wide forehead, such as those with bottom-heavy rims are ideal. Recommended frames: round, aviators, cat-eye.

6.Diamond face: Most ideal glasses give an illusion of width to the narrow chin and forehead. Recommended frames: oval, cat-eye.

Choose by skin tone

You can select frames for glasses that match your skin tone since some colors and patterns can complement your undertone. For instance, with warm skin tones like golden, yellow, or bronze, you can select shades of brown like honey or beige to flatter your complexion. Olive green and gold frames can also pair well with your undertone.

If you have a cool complexion such as a blue or pink undertone, black and silver frames are good options. You may also opt for pink, blue, purple, grey, or tortoiseshell to bring out the bright glow of your skin. However, you must avoid striking colors that can wash out your cool skin tone.

Neutral undertones match with a great range of colors but should lay away from bold and bright colors. If your skin tone features a combination of blue and yellow, you can use basic frames like white or black. Additionally, you can choose a specific material that fits your undertone. For example, an acetate material can flatter warm undertones, while metal frames can enhance the glow of cool undertones.

Choose by personality and lifestyle

What's more important above all is your preference when it comes to frames. You can choose between vintage, trendy, and specific styles that suit your personality. If you are fashion-forward, you can select unique patterns that give off a fresh and fun vibe. For people who love to dress up, vintage styles can create a sophisticated look for you.

Active people need eyeglasses that can withstand the daily wear and tear of their lifestyle. For sports enthusiasts, especially contact sports, frames made from a flexible material are almost a necessity. If you work for hours in front of a computer, a lightweight frame provides the comfort you need.

Five best frames for glasses

1.Kojo Round Glasses

Kojo: Round Nude-Pink Glasses

The uber chic Kojo round glasses are a perfect fit for business and casual attires. It's an excellent mix of style and functionality, with thin rims and sturdy arms that offer a comfortable fit. The tortoiseshell accent on the brow line is a subtle yet eye-catching touch to the overall design.

2.Ligeia Rectangle Glasses

Ligeia: Rectangle Brown-Woodgrain Glasses

Simplicity is the strongest suit of the Ligeia rectangle glasses. The cut is as classic as it gets, yet still offers a modern touch with its TR90 material. It deserves a spot on the list since this frame has one of the most versatile designs in the collection.

3.Celebrity Cat-eye Glasses

Celebrity: Cat-eye Wine Glasses

One of the best frames for glasses is this pair of Celebrity cat-eye specs. It combines the sturdiness of metal and the lightness of the TR90 thermoplastic, providing its highly durable quality. This shape is suitable for many face shapes and comes in different colors to match every skin tone, too!

4.Maverick Aviator Glasses

Maverick: Aviator Gold Glasses

Another cult classic on this list is the Maverick aviator glasses, which are a great option for vintage lovers. The curvy teardrop-shaped lenses and thin metal rims will remind you of celebrities from earlier eras. This pair comes with nose pads for a secure fit, making it appropriate as reading glasses or blue light glasses.

5.Callan Square Glasses

Callan: Square Black/Silver Glasses

The Callan square eyeglasses have patterned arms and a distinctive rim design that looks stunning when worn. It's a novel choice considering the faux semi-rimless style. The lower rim is more defined than the upper rim, creating a truly unique effect.

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