Eyeglasses trends 2024: more popular styles

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People wear eyeglasses primarily to see more clearly but these things are not just vision aids. They are also key accessories that can complement your outfit, enhance your features, and boost your self-confidence!

Just like clothes, shoes and other fashion items, eyeglasses trends come and go over time. In 2024, we are expecting to see a lot of exciting new styles and colors to dominate the scene. Here's a rundown of what you can see in eyewear fashion this coming 2024.

eyeglasses for 2024

Eyeglasses Trends 2024

The ultimate choice of eyeglasses would depend on one's personal preference, and on which particular style most flatters one's face. But if you are hoping to be in vogue with what the celebrities and the top fashion trendsetters are all wearing, you can use these eyewear fashion predictions as a guide.

1.Brightly Colored Frames

In the previous year, we have witnessed a notable prominence of clear or transparent frames, both in prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Some of these frames are sure to linger but this year, we are definitely ready to bring back a splash of vivid color to our eyewear. Solid reds, greens and blues are expected to be top sellers.

2.Oversized Frames

Large frames that cover half the face have been coming and going as hip fashion accessories for decades. In 2024, they are projected to be in the spotlight once again. Bold new designs are now starting to come out, along with modern takes on standard classics such as those popularized by Jackie O and Charlotte Rampling back in the day.

3.Wire-Rimmed Glasses

We have enjoyed a lot of rather thick acrylic and plastic frames in the past years in all sorts of colors and styles. Amidst these trendy and colorful pieces, metal glasses have remained among the classic choices. But in 2024, they are definitely taking center stage. Wire-rimmed glasses are not only sophisticated and professional but they also offer a high level of versatility. They look fabulous for both men and women, and they also come in all shapes so you can easily find the perfect wire frames that will flatter your features.

What Glasses Are Best for Women in 2024?

With all the new designs that are available, there is no better time for women to start wearing glasses than now! If you want to be perfectly in trend, you might want to choose frames in shades of orange or peach. Apricot crush is considered by many to be the lucky color for 2024 and it just so happens that this color is very flattering to most skin tones.

As for shape, cat eye glasses are going to be a top choice for the ladies. Not only is it a classic shape but the uplifted frame also gives one's face a younger and fresher look. It also complements most face shapes.

What Glasses Are Best for Men in 2024?

Clear frames are expected to continue being a bestseller among men, although tortoiseshell frames are also becoming quite popular. This pattern was traditionally seen as more fitting for the ladies, but recent designs have proven that it works perfectly for men as well. Tortoiseshell frames are expected to become one of the raging glasses trends in 2024 among men, as some celebrities have already been spotted wearing them, including Hollywood big shots Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.

How to Buy the Right Eyewear in 2024

When shopping for eyewear, the most important thing you would need to consider is your prescription. Some prescriptions might be better to wear with large lenses or thicker frames, for instance, like bifocals or progressives that work better with a larger coverage. The same is true if you are looking for blue light protection, where it makes more sense to have a large pair of lenses.

Other than that, you do need to consider the shape of your face. There are a plethora of eyeglasses out there that look fantastic on display, but might not look the same once you wear them. As a general rule, angular faces benefit from rounded frames, while more rounded faces can be balanced wonderfully by rectangular frames with crisp angles.

On the other hand, 2024 can be the time to break out of the cycle and try out new eyeglasses designs that you have never worn before. Take advantage of the rich assortment of designs that are available. Try on as many as you can and go with the one that makes you feel really good. With that being said, here are some of our favorite glasses for 2024 that we think you are going to adore as well!

Five Popular Glasses That Shape Your Styles in 2024

1. Reagan Square Glasses in Orange

Reagan: Square Orange Glasses

Our first pick comes in the lucky color we mentioned. The Reagan glasses come in a very modern and hip design that is perfect for all outfits and occasions. The square shape of the frame makes this perfect for round and oval faces. However, the angles are quite softened so it would look gorgeous with other facial shapes as well!

2. Caoimhe Cat Eye Glasses in Red

Caoimhe: Cat-eye Red Glasses

The sleek and contemporary look of the Caoimhe cat eye glasses is exactly what the glasses trends 2024 are all about – a modern shape, a vibrant color, and a no-nonsense sense of style that is sure to draw admiring glances from everyone you meet. Even if you have perfect vision, it would be worth wearing a faux lens just for the opportunity of wearing these fabulous frames.

3. Huntley Cat Eye Glasses in Green

Huntley: Cat-eye Pine/Green-Teal Glasses

Another vividly colored frame that we think is a must-have for women is the Huntley glasses. The combination of pine green, emerald, and teal is just so refreshing on the eyes, and the gold tint on the arms definitely adds a touch of elegance. This eyewear conveys a powerful sense of style that is hard to miss.

4. Nathaniel Square Glasses

Nathaniel: Square Teal-Tortoiseshell Glasses

Combining the perfect balance of function and style, the Nathaniel square glasses are the perfect accessory to top off any kind of attire, especially for men. The blue and tortoiseshell mix on the frame is eye-catching but still low-key enough to wear to work and other more formal settings.

5. Jayce Aviator Glasses

Jayce: Aviator Orange-Purple Glasses

Finally, we complete our list of recommendations with the Jayce aviator glasses in a delightful orange and purple combination. The oversized frame and the bright colors are both perfectly in sync with the definitive eyewear trend for the year. This unisex frame can be fitted with any kind of prescription lens.


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