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Aspherical lens vs. spherical lens: which is better?
When it comes to choosing a lens for your eyewear, it is important to consider the type of lens. There are two types of lenses you might want to consider: an aspherical or a spherical lens.
What affect the thickness of glasses lenses?
To understand why thick lenses exist, one needs to know about the refractive index, frame size, pupillary distance, and prescription value.
Everything about anti-fatigue lenses you should know
While you can do some eye exercise to prevent eye fatigue, there are also what they call anti-fatigue glasses.
Single-vision lenses vs. multifocal lenses: what should you choose?
Your eye care doctor may have asked you a few times if you want single-vision lenses or multifocal lenses for your glasses. These terms are often confusing no matter how many times they’ve been explained.
Trifocal lenses’ advantages and disadvantages explained
Why are trifocal lenses costly? This is because this vision correction tool has three different vision ranges embedded into a single lens.
The advantages and disadvantages of high index lenses
When should I get high index lenses?
Pros and cons of polycarbonate lenses
Are polycarbonate lenses suitable for you?
What are photochromic lenses (transition lenses)?
How do photochromic lenses work? Decades ago, photochromic glass lenses only came in gray color and tended to darken quickly if one lens was thicker than another. The light-adaptive technology was short-lived, making the lenses appear darker indoors.
Transition lenses problems you should know (pros and cons)
Transition lenses are special lenses that adapt to changing light conditions. This type of lens is made to allow users to see clearly regardless of the prevailing light conditions.
Useful ways to stop your glasses lenses from fogging up
If you wear glasses to help you see better or just for fashion value, they will be times when your glass will fog up.
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