Eyeglasses Lenses

All types of prescription lenses explained

Generally, eye conditions are not the same for every person; hence your prescription lenses will vary.

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Bifocal glasses explained: how do they work?

If you find it hard to read up close and see objects from afar, you likely must wear bifocal eyeglasses.

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Polarized lenses: types, pros and cons

Polarized lenses are helpful among those who love to spend much of their time on the road, the outdoors, and around some bodies of water.

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Transition glasses explained: find the right lenses for you

Transition glasses are also referred to as light-adaptive, photochromic, or variable lint lenses. All these terms point to a similar type of lens.

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lenticular lenses

Lenticular lenses explained: types, pros and cons

What are the pros and cons of lenticular lenses? A lenticular lens is used by people to correct severe farsightedness and requires a very high power to correct one's vision.

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varifocal lenses

How do varifocal lenses work? Pros, cons, and more

Varifocal lenses come with multiple prescription strengths, which range from distance, intermediate, and close reading

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Trivex lenses

Trivex lenses answered: problems, differences, and more

Are Trivex lenses worth it? One of the most significant advantages of Trivex lenses is their comfortability.

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aspherical lens vs. spherical lens

Aspherical lens vs. spherical lens: which is better?

There are two types of lenses you might want to consider: aspherical or spherical lens when it comes to choosing a lens for your eyewear.

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glasses lenses thickness

What affect the thickness of glasses lenses?

To understand why thick lenses exist, one needs to know about the refractive index, frame size, pupillary distance, and prescription value.

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anti-fatigue lenses

Everything about anti-fatigue lenses you should know

Are anti-fatigue lenses worth it? While you can do some eye exercise to prevent eye fatigue, there are also what they call anti-fatigue glasses.

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single vision lenses vs. multifocal lenses

Single-vision lenses vs. multifocal lenses: what should you choose?

What is the difference between the two? What is the most suitable lens type for you? These questions are what this guide will discuss to help you with your choice.

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Trifocal lenses’ advantages and disadvantages explained

Why are trifocal lenses costly? This is because this vision correction tool has three different vision ranges embedded into a single lens.

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