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Amber glasses explained
Amber glasses are used by most to protect their eyes. Loved by many, amber glasses are known for reducing eye strains and fatigue caused by glare and bright light and improving color contrast.
Shooting glasses explained
Shooting glasses are indispensable equipment for the sport. It's necessary to wear one when handling a firearm or if you are at the range, forest, or hunting field.
Everything about ski goggles you need to know
Owning a ski goggle is a must if you need to brave a skiing adventure. Ski goggles are an essential kit for the sport, giving you ample protection from the biting cold.
Explained: Why do new glasses make you dizzy?
There are situations where you'll feel dizzy when wearing new glasses. Is dizziness normal with new glasses? How long does it take to get used to new glasses?
Everything about sports glasses you should know
Sports glasses enhance an athlete's performance because of the high-quality vision. Are sports glasses worth it? How to choose the right sports glasses for kids & adults?
Nose pads for glasses explained (also called nose pieces)
Eyeglass nose pads separate the wearer's nose from the rim of the frames.
Are small glasses in style?
Today, more people look into the frame style before buying one. There are various options they can have - from large frame glasses to petite frames. Read through to know more about small glasses and why most people prefer them.
Rainbow glasses explained
Bright frames like rainbow glasses can sometimes be overwhelming. Read through this article if you are curious about how rainbow glasses work and where you can usually see them.
Are octagon glasses in style?
If you thought of octagon glasses being classic, then you guessed right. These kinds of glasses date back to their origin during the 1800s. Before that, all lenses were technically rounded.
Are big frame glasses in style for 2022?
They said that in 2022, the bigger, the better. This also applies to styles in glasses, especially the frames. Big frame glasses or some call them oversized glasses, can be a simple way to provide an accent to any outfit in a flash. Additionally, they elevate one's look to the next level.
Folding reading glasses explained
Folding reading glasses come with benefits of reading glasses and the convenience of folding glasses. These glasses are generally designed to fold in half right at the nose bridge so the user can conveniently store them.
Anti-glare glasses explained: pros, cons, and more
When shopping for eyewear, you might have encountered anti-glare glasses or anti-reflective lenses during your search. Not many people realize the importance of this feature on eyeglasses.