Buying the best clear frame glasses for you

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For someone who constantly wears eyeglasses, there are times when you don't want to be noticed wearing one. You want to be discreet but get the best vision through your glasses. Gone are the days when all you could choose among the eyeglasses frame colors were black, metallic, and other bolder shades. Today, you can look stylish even when wearing clear frame glasses.

Clear Frame Glasses

Are clear frame glasses in style?

The minimalist and subtle touch of clear frame glasses makes them more popular and in style. Everyone can wear and rock a pair of transparent frames. They give you instant fun, and you'll look effortlessly cool as you wear them.

Since the frame is transparent, you can pair them with any outfit you like. It's even highly functional as it can also be worn during special days. In short, regardless of where you're headed, clear frame glasses will always be an ideal option. Also, most transparent frames are used as prescription eyeglasses. Even when you're wearing these glasses to correct your vision, you'll still look stylish.

Do clear glasses make you look younger?

Clear frame glasses are perfect for a chic and younger look. They are relatively less bold than those dark acetate eyeglass frames, but the clear frames still yield a subtly confident and playful vibe. Both men and women can surely slay a pair of transparent glasses. You need not worry about color combinations on your overall fit as the transparent color complements all hues and shades of your clothes and other accessories.

Of course, for that complete youthful and elegant vibe, your transparent glasses frame must also accentuate your facial features. This means choosing the right frame shape and style is still essential. Round faces and oval faces may look into clear frame glasses in geometrical shapes or square shapes. On the other hand, those with diamond or square faces can choose transparent eyeglasses with round shapes to soften the dominant features.

Why are clear glasses frames so popular?

The fact that clear frame glasses suit everyone and anyone is one primary reason for their popularity. Anyone can wear them, even those who need them for styling and not eye prescription. As you know, most people today opt for transparent frames for their prescription glasses. Its fresh vibe and invincible aesthetic highlight the wearer's facial features and provide a hint of light to your eyes and cheekbone.

Below are some other benefits of clear frame glasses.

1. The design is only visible up close, which adds to the subtle style of the overall look.

2. Its neutral color complements all skin tone types and hair and eye color.

3. The frame won't overpower your facial features.

4. The light-filtering touch of transparent frames will brighten up the face, which makes the wearer look younger.

5. They can be in any style, from round to cat-eye, geometrical or square.

Clear frame glasses for men & women

After considering your face shape and knowing what clear frame glasses style to purchase, it's time to look at some popular designs for inspiration. You can check out some of the styles below.

1. Oren

Oren: Cat-eye Transparent Glasses

This is a classic clear frame glasses that come in a cat-eye design. It looks relatively square-shaped from afar. The frame is ideal for women, and you can customize the lenses if you use them as prescription glasses. There's an option to change the colors on the frame for a brighter touch, from light blue to black tortoiseshell. If you still want a transparent frame but prefer to add some highlights, the light blue option would be perfect.

2. Halia

Halia: Square Transparent Glasses

Oversized frames are also in style. It provides complete eye protection and brings style to your overall fit at the same time. The transparent color option on the Halia frame has a slight rose gold highlight on top of the rim, which gives a subtle and playful look.

3. Athena

Athena: Rectangle Transparent Glasses

This rectangle frame has softer edges, so those people with diamond-shaped faces can have this as the style softens the dominant angles of the wearer's face. The adjustable nose pads ensure a snug fit. Those who want to explore more color options can have a light gray shade. It's relatively close to the clear frame glasses, but they're more noticeable from a distance.

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