How to buy the best glasses for diamond face shape?

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Some people seek the best glasses for diamond face to elevate their look and overall style. The lovely contour of this face shape matches a great variety of eyeglasses. If you have this type of face, read the guide to find the best eyewear for you!

Glasses for Diamond Face Shape

What glasses suit a diamond face shape best?

The diamond face features high cheekbones, a tapering chin, and a narrow forehead. The width concentrates mostly in the middle, with the lower portion boasting a small chin. This shape is versatile and can look better in just about any accessory including eyewear.

The secret to looking good while wearing eyeglasses is to select frames that are suitable for a diamond face. Generally, eyewear that softens the sharp lines, especially the jaw and chin, is recommendable. Here are some styles that compliment this face shape:

1. Cat-eye frame.

This type of eyeglasses has rounded edges at the bottom and a prominent brow line. This frame balances the face by zoning the spotlight to the upper portion, from the eye area to the forehead.

2. Oval frame.

It's safe to choose eyewear that works in contrast to your face shape. If you have a diamond silhouette, rounder frames like oval specs are ideal.

3. Round glasses.

Round glasses for an oval face counteract the sharpness of the chin and forehead area. The soft curves of the frame can balance out the angles of your face.

How to buy the best glasses for a diamond face?

Most eyewear experts will tell you to stick to frames that are appropriate to your face shape. This tactic helps you find a pair of glasses that enhance your facial features. However, you should also select accessories that are comfortable to wear and are within your budget. You don't want to splurge on a statement piece that does not sit right on your face.

Additionally, you should prioritize your preference, including color, design, and material. Wearing the frame that you love can give you an instant confidence boost!

Eight best glasses for diamond face shape

1.Haidee Cat-eye glasses

Haidee: Cat-eye Tortoiseshell Glasses

One of the most flattering frames for diamond faces is the pair of Haidee cat-eye glasses. This design has a simple curving brow line and tapering rims that add a chic subtlety to your style. Whether you choose transparent or solid-colored rims, this frame accentuates your face in a lovely way.

2.Aitana Cat-eye Glasses

Aitana: Cat-eye Black Glasses

The Aitana Cat-eye glasses are another great pair for diamond-shaped faces. With a sharp upper edge and curved bottom, this frame hugs your facial structure perfectly. It's made of lightweight metal so you can wear it all day!

3.Koko Round Glasses

Koko: Round Purple-Pink-Tortoiseshell Glasses

The bold and beautiful Koko round glasses fit fashion-forward users. The patterned design is unique and eye-catching, making this eyewear a daring choice. You can soften the angles of your diamond face with this pair.

4.Desmond Oval Glasses

Desmond: Oval Black Glasses

There's no shortage of trendy pieces in this collection! The Desmond oval glasses for diamond face shapes can balance the proportion of your facial structure. The tiny accents on the brow line add striking accents to this already remarkable eyewear!

5.Abyssinia Cat-eye Glasses

Abyssinia: Cat-eye Black Glasses

Diamond-faced wearers with a slimmer profile can wear Abyssinia cat-eye glasses. This pair has a thick brow line and rims that add more volume to your eye area. The TR90 frame comes in fun patterns and is also available in transparent and black to provide more choices color-wise.

6.Imani Round Glasses

Imani: Round Gold Glasses

The slightly geometric shape of the Imani round glasses is a hit for the young and young-hearted. If you want cutesy frames, you will love the animal icon accents on the temples. It's also thin-wired for comfortable wear.

7.Oscar Oval Glasses

Oscar: Oval Black Glasses

Sleek and posh—that's how the Oscar oval glasses can be described. This unisex frame features a classic cut and transparent rims to offer more versatility. Adding blue light lenses to this frame allows you to work long hours in front of the computer.

8.Lucien Round Glasses

Lucien: Round Gold Glasses

The Lucien round glasses are a half-rim design with a twist. The metal frame has a solid rim at the bottom and rimless on top, making it a stylish addition to your outfit. Plus, it's round-shaped to counter the sharp angles of your facial structure.

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