How to buy the best glasses for round face shape?

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The perfect pair of glasses for a round face shape are those that balance out the softness of facial features. Typically, the challenge for round-faced individuals is that they tend to have wider frames. For This reason, it's best to choose eyewear that enhances your angles and slims down the cheek area.

Glasses for Round Faces

What glasses look best on a round face?

Round face shapes usually have soft lines, such as a smooth jaw area and full cheeks. In fact, the widest part of the face is the cheekbones. Another characteristic of round faces is the less angular chin, typically resembling the curves of a bowl. It's a tad trickier to find suitable eyewear for this face shape.

The rule of thumb for eyeglasses shopping is to pick a contrasting frame to your face shape. In the case of a round face, the safe pick would be angular specs and bold designs. These choices add an edge to the softness, giving your facial features more definition.

Here are the best glasses for round face shapes today:

1. Geometric frames. Eyewear for round-faced people is all about lines and angles. It's ideal to select frames that have a geometric quality to them, such as polygonal, rectangle, or square eyeglasses.

2. Strong brow lines. It's important to highlight the brows and eye area to make your face look wider. Cat-eye glasses and double brow bar frames are great examples.

3. Bold colored frame. Colorful full-rim eyeglasses are a stylish option for round faces. Pops of color draw attention away from the wide cheekbones.

How to buy the best glasses for a round face?

The highly recommended frames above are the most suitable choices for round-faced wearers. However, it takes more than the frame shape to find the perfect eyeglasses. Before anything else, you need to set a budget for your purchase. You can either splurge on designer labels or stick to off-brands that are affordable yet high-quality.

Your style preference should also become a priority when shopping. Once you wear a frame that you love, you can carry yourself with more confidence wherever you go. Lastly, select eyeglasses that fit comfortably on your face, especially prescription glasses. That way, you can wear it for longer while you go about your day.

Eight best glasses for round face shape

1.Frode - Square Glasses

Frode: Square Black-Marble Glasses

The thin rims and classic cut of the Frode square glasses make it great eyewear for round faces. This patterned frame has an all-metal construction with sharp-edged lines that add more angles to your facial structure.

2.Oren - Cat Eye Glasses

Oren: Cat-eye Black-Tortoiseshell Glasses

The Oren Cat-eye glasses are evenly rimmed but boast a patterned accent on the brow line. This design creates a stunning effect when worn, creating more definition for your upper eye. It's lightweight and looks good with any type of outfit.

3.Yandi - Square Glasses

Yandi: Square Black/Gold Glasses

The large frame of the Yandi square glasses is its most eye-catching quality. It boasts an outer rim that defines your brow line perfectly. It also offers great coverage for your eye area and rests on the cheekbones comfortably.

4.Azalea - Cat Eye Glasses

Azalea: Cat-eye Floral Glasses

The Azalea Cat-eye glasses have everything you need to flatter your round face. It has a double brow line, a bold pattern, and a geometric shape that will look chic and stylish on you. If you put on eye makeup, this frame can add a stunning highlight to your eyes!

5.Fatimah - Square Glasses

Fatimah: Square Tortoiseshell Glasses

The geometric Fatimah square glasses for round shape faces feature angled temples to balance your wide cheek area. It's a metal and thermoplastic combination that you can wear as prescription glasses for long periods.

6.Nellie - Rectangle Glasses

Nellie: Rectangle Brown Glasses

Elegance is a perfect word to describe the Nellie rectangle glasses. The subtle gradient color of the frame provides a subtle yet attention-grabbing effect once you wear it. Also, the cut and style are simple, making it suitable for everyday use.

7.Venus - Cat Eye Glasses

Venus: Cat-eye Grey/Pink Glasses

The sleek gold brow accent of the Venus cat-eye glasses is enough to make your upper face look sharper. This frame has many color options available, giving you the freedom to select the variation that fits your taste.

8.Ariana - Rectangle Glasses

Ariana: Rectangle Tortoiseshell Glasses

The Ariana rectangle glasses feature thin metal rims and a thick TR90 side pattern, making them worth including on this list. The frame has geometric angles and a classic cut that adds definition to your soft facial structure.

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