How to buy the best glasses for square face shape?

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Are you sure what glasses for square face to get when shopping for new eyewear? Experts recommend certain designs for this facial structure to soften curves and highlight a person's best features. Nevertheless, personal preference also comes into play—you need to pick a pair of eyeglasses that match your style and comfort. Here's a guide to help you!

Glasses for Square Face Shape

What glasses shape is best for a square face?

Do you have a square face? The most common traits of this face shape are a flat, squared chin with a sharp jawline. The forehead is broad, and the hairline is wide, which matches the cheekbones and jaw in width. Compared to other shapes, the square structure has flatter cheekbones, giving the characteristic sharp lines of a boxy face.

The best glasses for this type of face are as follows:

1. Round glasses. Round-shaped eyeglasses have smooth curves that work in contrast to square faces. This style mutes the bold features of your structure, balancing the angles effectively.

2. Oval glasses. Much like round specs, oval glasses for square faces have curves that soften well-defined lines. The wide frame adds more detail to a straight and uniform square face.

3. Half-rim frames. Spectacles with a rimless bottom have a thicker brow line. This design ensures that more attention is drawn to the eye rather than the prominent forehead and jaw.

4. Wire glasses. The thinly framed wire glasses generally have a slim profile that blurs the striking lines of a square face.

What color glasses are good for a square face?

Square-faced individuals can opt for dark colors for eyewear. Light-hued frames may not offer the contrast you need to balance the sharpness of your face. Bold colors can also work, granted that you still follow the recommended glasses shapes. That way, you can put the spotlight on your eyeglasses and not the sharpness of your face.

Still, it's best to choose a color that feels comfortable for you. Another tip is to match it with your usual wardrobe choices. For example, you can go for solid colors if you often wear plain-colored clothes. On the other hand, you can select prints if you want eyewear that stands out.

Eight best glasses for square face shape

1.Ozias - Oval Glasses

Ozias: Oval Black-Tortoiseshell Glasses

The transparent low rims of the Ozias oval glasses join a patterned brow line that makes the design eye-catching. If you have a square face, wearing these eyeglasses can help you take away unwanted attention from your sharp angles.

2.Joyce - Round Glasses

Joyce: Round Transparent-Purple Glasses

The Joyce round glasses feature a thin metal frame with durable thermoplastic rim lining. Not only does the style accentuate your eyes but also softens the sharp and bold lines of your face.

3.Molly - Cat Eye Glasses

Molly: Cat-eye Tortoiseshell Glasses

The medium-sized lenses of the Molly cat-eye glasses can hide your flat cheekbones without overbearing weight. You can comfortably wear this pair for daily use or as a stylish addition to your outfit. The hint of cat-eye flair on the brow line gives the frame enough shape to highlight your eyebrows!

4.Oscar - Oval Glasses

Oscar: Oval Transparent Glasses

You will love the simple yet uber fashionable Oscar oval glasses. Made for men and women, this pair is one of the most versatile options on the list.

5.Kaz - Round Glasses

Kaz: Round Black Glasses

Thin-wire frames like Kaz round glasses ensure that they create a narrowing effect on your wide face. It is slim, lightweight, and has a classic cut that works effectively to smoothen the boldness of your facial angles.

6.Carson - Aviator Glasses

Carson: Aviator Black Glasses

The Carson aviator glasses may not have the typical teardrop lenses, but this shape matches square faces perfectly. The smooth curve of the frame loops to a thin brow line, pulling the spotlight to your eye area.

7.Dylan - Oval Glasses

Dylan: Oval Transparent Glasses

One of the trendiest on this list, the Dylan oval glasses are perfect for fashion-forward shoppers. The cut is straightforward, but the patterned rims ensure that it oozes style. The lenses are also just the right fit for everyday wear!

8.Naura - Cat Eye Glasses

Naura: Cat-eye Tortoiseshell Glasses

The Naura cat-eye glasses may have a sharp brow line yet still can still match square faces. How so? The cat-eye accent is subtle enough to not add more width to your forehead. The rims are smooth and round, balancing the wideness of your cheekbones and jaw.

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