Ultimate guide to buying the best sunglasses for your face shape

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Finding a pair of suitable sunglasses for face shape types is easier said than done. The plentiful selection in stores and online make it a challenge for shoppers who need to make the choice. Which frames will look good on you? Here's a comprehensive buying guide that might just work!

Sunglasses for Different Face Shapes

What sunglasses look good on your face shape?

Sunglasses are an iconic accessory that should belong to any wardrobe. Contrary to popular belief, this type of glass is versatile! You can wear it outdoors as well as indoors to accentuate your look. It offers protection against harsh sun rays and adds a touch of style to your outfit.

Formerly called sun cheaters, sunglasses are a great combination of functionality and fashion. However, not all designs may fit you. Often, people wrongly choose a pair that's too big or too small, making it uncomfortable to wear. In some cases, the frame shape may fail to enhance the facial features of the wearer.

Luckily, you can avoid these mistakes by following this quick guide!

1.Prioritize form and function

It's crucial that you choose sunglasses for face shape varieties that have a stunning design. Bold and eye-catching frames allow you to stand out wherever you go. However, selecting a functional pair also ensures that your accessory serves its purpose—to protect you from the sun! Form and function always go together!

2.Buy your size

Here's a common buyer's mistake: purchasing sunglasses that do not fit your facial structure. For example, oversized glasses can dwarf a petite face further. On the other hand, small frames can make larger faces look disproportionate. Size matters, especially if your greatest concern is comfort.

3.Match the color to activity

There are many different lens colors to choose from when it comes to sunnies! Dark gray or black tints are a great all-purpose option. Brown or amber lenses can fit sports enthusiasts who deal with unpredictable weather. If you love taking road trips, rose-colored lenses are a good choice.

How to buy the best sunglasses for your face shape?

With several sunglasses for face shape on the choices, how can you find the best pair that suits you? Here are expert tips to help you with your sunnies shopping!

1.Round Face

People with round faces have smoother curves and less angles, especially on the jawline. As a result, they may appear to have wider and plumper faces. If you have this face shape, a great pair of sunglasses can elongate your facial structure, making it look thinner. This eyewear can also define your cheekbones, chin, and other curved lines of your face.

Here's a pair that works for round faces—the Bayla square sunglasses! This unique frame has a solid TR90 thermoplastic composition with elegant gold accents on the brow line. The lens has a geometric shape, which adds sharpness to your smooth curves. Plus, the medium-sized lenses are the right size to lessen the width of your face!

Bayla: Square White/Grey Sunglasses

2.Oval Face

If there's a face shape fortunate enough to match almost every single pair of sunglasses, it's the oval face. You are luckier than most if you have this facial structure since you'll more likely look good in anything! Experts recommend cat-eye glasses and aviators among all designs. Butterfly sunglasses, or those that resemble a butterfly's wing thanks to an upward edge, work quite nicely, too.

You can buy the Tenli cat-eye sunnies if you want a dramatic butterfly effect for your eyes. This pair has clear-cut angles on the rims and a solid arm that ensures your comfort while wearing. The lenses are not overly huge, which is another great reason to buy these glasses.

Tenli: Cat-eye Baby-Green/Grey Sunglasses

3.Square Face

Square-shaped or box face is characterized by a sharp jawline and wide forehead. The width and length across the square face are even, with outer angles more defined than the chin and cheekbones. To give more depth and definition to your square face, you should wear frames that smoothen the sharpness. For instance, round or oval sunnies are some ideal options.

You will love the smart mix of old and new styles featured on the Kohn round sunglasses. This frame has a slim nose bridge with a defined brow line. The rims curve smoothly, muting the broadness of your square face.

Kohn: Round Gold/Brown Eyeglasses

4.Rectangle Face

Rectangular faces look elongated since the chin area has a subtle curve to it. People with this structure should find frames that soften the angles and even out the length of the face. Some top choices of sunglasses for face shapes of the oblong type are oval, cat-eye, or rectangular frames. Any design with an eye-catching quality to it can work, too.

You can up your style with a pair of Jaxon oval sunglasses. This frame has a fresh, warm vibe to it, giving your outfit a modern update to it. The lens is wide to enhance the symmetry of the rectangular face. There are several designs available that can make your dress-up more fun!

Jaxon: Oval Transparent-Grey/Grey Sunglasses

5.Heart-shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are also considered triangular, with a narrow, pointy chin and wide forehead. This beautifully proportioned face shape features sharp cheekbones that almost have the same width as the temples. Cat-eye sunnies, aviator sunglasses, and frames that have curvy edges can provide more balance to your heart-shaped face.

A gorgeous example is the pair of Rabih aviator sunglasses. The sleek brow bar accentuates the frame in gold, while the gradient lenses elevate the stylish quality of this eyewear. It's the summer-ready pair of glasses that can catch anyone's attention!

Rabih: Aviator Red/Champagne-Gradual powder Sunglasses

6.Diamond Face

The diamond face's most prominent feature is the high, broad cheekbones. The jawline and forehead areas are narrow, giving the typical elongated appearance. It's like an oval face except that diamond-shaped faces have more defined lines. If you're shopping for this face shape, you can go for cat-eye, round, or rectangular glasses. Rimless frames are an excellent choice, too.

The Rae cat-eye sunnies have a classic design with a pop of pattern at the bottom rims. This accent adds a novelty to this pair, which works well for people who want unique eyewear. If you have a diamond-shaped face, this selection will look great on you!

Rae: Cat-eye Black-Tortoiseshell/Gradual-Grey Sunglasses

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