The newest guide to buying sunglasses for heart shaped face

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Do you have a heart shaped face? Are you looking for glasses for a heart shaped face? If you are, then you are reading just the right article to guide you in making the best decision. Below, we review the things to look out for when making a choice, and we go a step further to review some of our top choices for sunglasses lovers with heart shaped faces.

Sunglasses for heart shaped faces

What is a heart shaped face?

There are different types of faces, one of which is a heart shaped face. A heart shaped face is a face structure with a narrow chin and a wide forehead. As the face extends from the narrow chin, it widens until it reaches the forehead. So if you have this type of face structure, you have a heart shaped face. Some people have round features while others have linear features.

Guides to sunglasses for heart shaped face    

Before you pick sunglasses, you need to figure out which frames will be ideal. Get the frame right and other features will fall into place. Get it wrong and you end up with a bad choice. So here are the best frames for a heart shaped face.

1. Floral markings

One of the frame types you shout go for is floral markings. Floral frames are nice and improve your facial beauty. Moreover, their attention grabbing patterns make them the ideal choice for those who love to court attention in public. Consider picking this frame if you have very large or high cheekbones.

We love floral frames because they offer you the advantage of choice. With so many different floral patterns to pick from, you have the luxury of even selecting a frame that will fit your attire.

2. Wayfarers

Another very good frame of eyeglasses for heart shaped faces is the wayfarer style. Unlike floral frames whose emphasis is on their color coats, wayfarers have very thick frames. For those who have large foreheads, wayfarer frames serve to minimize the width to make it smaller than it actually is. The same effect will be seen if you have an extremely narrow jaw.

And just like the floral frame, you are at liberty to pick any color you like or one that will fit your attire.

3. Cat eye

Cat eye sunglasses have cat eye frames. In fact, it is the frame that gave this model the name. Cat eye frames are a top choice for people with heart shaped faces because they draw attention to the eyes more than any other part of the face. If you have large eyes, this should be your frame of choice. You may choose a retro design or vintage. Just go for anyone that fits you.

4. Browline

Browline frames are one of the oldest frame types in the market and they do not seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon. On average, lighter colored glasses for heart shaped faces have always been better and so is a brownline frame.

This frame will not distort your delicate facial features but add value to it.

Best sunglasses for women with heart shaped face

If you want to maintain that elegant and confident look all through the year, you need to dress in style. What better way to do so than with the best glasses for a heart shaped face? Here are five of the best sunglasses to look out for this year.

1. Oona

Oona Cat Eye is a pink cat eye sunglasses for women. The frame is quite attractive and will blend well with light or dark colored attires. These sunglasses will help you stand out from the crowd. In addition, you will also like the protective lens and the durable materials it is made of. The light color and love shape will accentuate facial features in a sexy way.

Oona: Cat-eye Pink/Grey Sunglasses for Women

2. Pavana

Pavana is another top choice you should consider adding to your collection. These cat eye sunglasses for women have a black frame. 

With these sunglasses, you will look confident but stylish at the same time. The good thing about Pavana is that you can wear it indoors and outdoors, even in dark rooms. So should you buy these sunglasses, consider it a blessing as you will not have any need to keep taking it off anytime you walk into a room.

Pavana: Cat-eye Black Sunglasses for Women

3. Zaria

Still, looking for glasses for a heart shaped face? Try out these Zaria aviator sunglasses with a frame color combination of black, brown and gold. These TR90 glasses are made with high quality plastic with a trendy design for social and outdoor events. It comes in different colors so feel free to make your pocket from among the available colors.

Zaria: Aviator Black/Gold/Brown Sunglasses for Women

4. Thierry

It should not be a surprise that most of the sunglasses we recommend for your heart shaped face are cat eye sunglasses. This is because cat eye frames are ideal for your face type. If you would like to add more cat eye sets to your collection, look no further than Thierry. 

These purple glasses reek of royalty through and through. The frame has attractive embellishments that you will love while the optics are some of the best you will find online. You will also be glad to know that Thierry will suit any outfit since it is non-selective. What's more? It comes in different colors so take your time to pick a color that suits your sense of style.

Thierry: Cat-eye Purple Sunglasses for Women

5. Winola

Last but not least is Winola which comes in four color options. Winola has very large frames for visual clarity and it is made of metal. If plastic frames have done you wrong for so long, switching to a metal frame is a good idea. It will not wear your face down because it has a light 22.1 grams weight. If you like the look of aviator sunglasses, Winola is a good option.

Winola: Aviator Pink Sunglasses for Men Women

Best sunglasses for men with heart shaped face

1. Oval Sunglasses: Millie 

Oval Tortoiseshell/Grey Sunglasses For Men and Women

The timeless appearance of the cat-eye style is an excellent choice for anyone with a heart-shaped face. These retro-style frames can help contour your face, balance your features and highlight your prominent cheekbones.


The rounded cat-eye style of the Millie frame would be well-suited to a hear-shaped face. Not only will the teardrop style reduce the appearance of your forehead, but the curved style can also help soften your angular features drawing attention to your eye and cheekbone.


I especially recommend the Millie frame in transparent or light colors. A hidden frame or light-colored frame is the best style to be selected by someone with a heart-shaped face. They add length to your face and don't detract or clash with your sharp features.


I would consider the Millie frame to be a standard oval sunglasses style suitable for anyone with a heart-shaped face. Not too showy, they complement your face without clashing with your best features.

2. Rectangle Sunglasses: Bonnie 

Rectangle Black-Grey Sunglasses For Women and Men

If you thought the rounded cat-eye style of the Millie frames was too feminine for your taste, then I would suggest the Bonnie frame. The rectangular style helps provide balance to heart-shaped shapes and can add structure to your features if they are curvy. The defined look of rectangular shades is perfect if you want to add some traditionally masculine structure to your facial features.


The Bonnie frames come with golden frames and a range of colored lens tints that provide a stylish and trendy look. You could also opt for the plain black option if drawing attention isn't your end goal. The thin metal frames are perfect for heart-shaped faces since they allow your gorgeous facial features to speak for themselves.


3. Rectangle Sunglasses: Noa

Rectangle Black/Grey Sunglasses For Women and Men

I would like to recommend the Noa frame for a nice middle ground between the Bonnie and Millie style with a fun contemporary twist. These bold acetate rectangular frames are an excellent statement piece sure to make you the life of the party. 

The rectangular shape will help provide balance and add structure to the curvier features of your face. However, if you found the strong geometric style of the Bonnie frames too jarring, then the slightly more rounded Noa frames might be an excellent choice.

Like the Millie frame, I recommend the transparent color options for heart-shaped faces since bolder color options may clash with your features. They come in a fun range of transparent options, from clear to bright orange. 

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