Cleaning glasses: what are the best and the worst ways

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The eyesight is very precious undoubtedly. Along with eyesight, eyeglasses are also precious if there is an eye vision problem. To keep the vision safe and healthy, it is mandatory to keep your eyes and glasses away from those things which are harmful. 

Cleaning Glasses

If you are the one who is undergoing vision problem, it is important to use safe eyeglasses, and correctly clean the lens of the glasses so that there seems no marks or scratches on the lens to disturb the eye vision because it is very irritating to have grease, grit, or dirt that stuck on your eyeglass lens. The interesting thing is that eyeglasses are the main investment towards the vision of your eyes, so you need to treat these glasses with full care.


Eyeglasses are now popular around the globe and their usage is increasing day by day. Nowadays, the usage of digital things can create eye vision problems in kids.

There are stylish kid's eyeglasses available but the kids are unconscious about the best ways of cleaning these eyeglasses. After the survey, it is approved that about 50% of the people don't know the correct cleaning of the glasses and use the worst ways to clean their glasses, which are harmful to the eye vision

While purchasing the glasses for your eyes, check whether they are holding the features of anti-scratch, UV protection as well as anti-glare. In this article, we will understand the best way to clean glasses as well as the worst way to clean glasses. You will destroy your investment if you choose the worst way in order to clean your eyeglasses. The coatings on the lens are fairly durable but not fully durable.

The Best Ways of Cleaning Glasses

1. Wash Hands and Use Warm Water

First of all, you need to wash your hands in order to clean your eyeglasses. The hands need to be cleaned because there are chances of germs to interrupt into the lens and other parts of your eyeglasses that may become an irritating agent for your eyes in the future. So, always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. Use warm water over the glasses so that the dust or any other things that are harmful to cause the scratch can be removed easily. The distilled water is best for the removal of all impurities because it causes the dust to remove quickly as compared to hard water. 

       The best way of cleaning glasses: wash hands and use warm water

2. Use Microfiber Cloth

Always remember to use a microfiber cloth for the cleaning of your glasses because the microfiber cloth holds and lifts grease, dirt, liquids, and all bacteria easily. Usage of hard cloth can damage your eyeglasses and again you need to purchase them. So, to avoid spending lots of money on purchasing, try to use all the correct things for the cleaning of your eyeglasses. No lint will leave behind when you use the microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes.

       The best way of cleaning glasses: use microfiber cloth

3. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is best to use for your eyeglasses cleaning purposes because it is safe to use on the lens coating as well as on the high-quality plastic and metal plates. Rubbing alcohol is famous for removing germs and bacteria immediately without any harmful effects.

      The best way of cleaning glasses: use rubbing alcohol

The Worst Ways of Cleaning Glasses

1. Glass/Window Cleaner

Never try to touch the window/glass cleaner for your eyeglasses because they leave hard marks on your eyeglasses and thus, irritate your eyes. These products have those ingredients that can easily damage eyeglass coatings and lenses. When the coatings break, the eyeglass is useless and again tension of purchasing a new one will occur.

       The worst way of cleaning glasses: touch the glass/window cleaner

2. Napkins/Tissues

Tissues and napkins should be avoided for the cleaning of your eyeglasses because they can create scratches on the lenses as well as smear them and it becomes difficult to remove those scratches. Microfiber cloths are best for cleaning.

       The worst way of cleaning glasses: use napkins/tissues

3. Ammonia

Using ammonia for cleaning purposes of eyeglasses is dangerous in the fact that it can damage the glass with the passage of time. The solutions scratch the tint layer and harm the coatings along with lenses. Always use a safe way to protect your eyeglasses so that the coatings on the glasses remain the same as a new one. No one can recognize whether the glasses are new or old. Avoid going for the worst way of cleaning and using bad products on the glasses.

       The worst way of cleaning glasses: use ammonia

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