Reading glasses strength: how to read its chart

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When you go to your eye doctor to get checked for reading glasses, they will do some tests on you and return with your prescription. The results of your test would indicate the reading glasses strength that you require in order to be able to see perfectly at a reading distance. This strength is measured in terms of diopters. Given these results, you can get your own reading glasses that are perfectly suitable for your vision.

Transparent Reading Glasses

The Importance of Reading Glasses Strength

As you can imagine, people don't need the same reading glasses strength. Some only need very low power, while others have a more advanced condition and require much higher reading glasses strength. Of course, there are also those with perfect vision and do not require reading glasses at all, even as they get older.


It is very important to know your own reading glasses strength requirement. This way, you can be fitted with the right pair of reading glasses that can help you see clearly with just the right amount of magnification.

How to Understand Reading Glasses Strength

As we said earlier, reading glasses strength is measured in diopters. These units indicate the refractive power in a lens. If your eye exam shows a value of +0.25 diopters, this is actually the lowest power in most reading glasses. At this point, your presbyopia is very mild and you might still be able to manage without glasses.


Reading glasses strength always comes with a + sign, and can go all the way to +3.00 or even +4.00 in extreme cases. The higher the number, the more advanced your presbyopia is. This is quite a normal phenomenon as people age, and all you need is to get the right reading glasses so that you will be able to read the small print and other tiny details at close range.

What's the Average Strength of Reading Glasses?

The required strength of reading glasses progressively increases as people get older, so it's hard to pinpoint an average. If you ask eyewear manufacturers, the typical range of the reading glasses they make is from +0.75 to +2.50 diopters.


With lower numbers, most people can manage quite well so they don't get fitted for reading glasses right away. As for the higher range, they are not very common so they are usually not readily available. If you need a reading glasses strength of +3.0 diopters or higher, you might need to have one custom-made for you.

What Is Reading Glasses Strength Chart by Age?

The best way to find out the reading glasses strength you need is to actually get checked by an eye doctor. After all, everyone is different and it's best to get tested for the most accurate numbers.


With that being said, there is a reading glasses strength chart by age, which gives a recommendation of the suitable strength for your age. The need for reading glasses usually begins in the 40s, so that is also the age at which these charts begin. Here is a typical chart that you might consult.


Age Range

Recommended Reading Glasses Strength


+0.75 or +1.00 diopter


+1.00 or +1.50 diopter


+1.50 or +2.00 diopter


+2.00 or +2.25 diopter


+2.25 or +2.50 diopter


Best Reading Glasses for Men & Women

The great thing about picking reading glasses frames is that there are absolutely no rules. You can choose according to your personal style and preference. However, you might also want to consider some of the rules of thumb when picking out any type of eyeglasses, like the shape of your face, the size of the lens, your skin tone, and perhaps even the color of your hair.


The sheer number of gorgeous reading glasses available can make picking just one an impossible task. To make it a bit easier for you, we have narrowed it down dramatically and present to you five of the best reading glasses that we believe you would be very happy to wear in this year.

1.Cyprian - Rectangle Glasses

Cyprian: Rectangle Black Glasses

We begin our list with the very elegant Cyprian frame, which exudes the classic design of reading glasses. Sleek and narrow lenses give you a stylishly mysterious aura, while the black frame adds an extra touch of sophistication. Made of lightweight but durable TR90 material, this pair is very comfortable to wear and is sure to last a long time, which is great because this design will never go out of style.

2.Imani - Round Glasses

Imani: Round Gold Glasses

The combination of the large round shape of the lenses and the striking gold finish of the metal frame give the Imani just the perfect balance between classy and cute. The tiny adornments on the temple are a surprise detail that makes it even more adorable. Perfect for women of all ages, this timeless piece is ideal for a reading glass, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

3.Garrett - Rectangle Glasses

Garrett: Rectangle Blue-Blue/Stripes Glasses

This pair is especially for the men out there looking for style and comfort. The Garrett features a semi-translucent frame with a nice blue tint, as well as an interesting pattern on the upper corners of the frame, effectively drawing focus toward the eyes. The rectangular shape of the frame is also very masculine and flatters just about any facial shape.

4.Hyatt - Aviator Glasses

Hyatt: Aviator Deep-Purple Glasses

Purple is just about the most fashionable shade that you can pick for eyewear these days, and this particular eyewear definitely does the color right. The Hyatt aviator comes with a highly versatile design. Not only does it look great on both men and women, but it can be worn on any occasion, from regular office use to a grand dinner party.

5.Zein - Rectangle Glasses

Zein: Rectangle Transparent Glasses

We can't end the list without at least one transparent frame, which has been the rage since the year began. The Zein features a sturdy and lightweight frame that is clear all around. It borders the eyes perfectly without overwhelming your best features. It's also a unisex frame that is very easy to pair with any type of outfit. 


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