How to clean your eyeglasses properly: detailed steps

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It's known that eyeglasses will get dirty after used for a long time. With the passage of time, dirt on the glasses will be more and more. They mainly exist in the four areas of glasses that are directly exposed to our skin, namely the bridge, arms, rims and lenses. Greasy and dirty frames are annoying to wear, but cleaning them is actually super easy.

As for rinsing glasses, don't use water with too high or too low temperatures, caustic cleaners, or sleeves to clean them. Mild soaps and microfiber cloths along with lukewarm water are always the best choice.

use soft cloth with water to clean glasses

Before cleaning, gently blow the dust or grime off the surface of the glasses.

From the beginning, let's clean the areas that directly exposed to skin, which are the dirtiest parts of the eyewear, especially for the bridge and the slot between the frame and the lens. You can even unscrew by yourself or take off the accessories, and use tissues or cotton swabs to clean the edge and the slot.

clean the edge of the frame

Low-purity alcohol or cleaner spray are also useful. Spraying the cleaner all over the glasses, especially the bridge and the slot. Now put it on the table for a short time, and the liquid will melt the grime on the glasses, making it more convenient to clean later. After the dirt is dissolved in the cleaner, rinsing the glasses with lukewarm water for several times, and rub the glasses gently to thoroughly wash away dirt and smudges.

spray the cleaner over the glasses

If you don't have a cleaner, just use the water from the tap to rinse it repeatedly, but don't forget to rub the glasses by your fingertips.

Next we use the same way to clean the arms. There is a trick: put the makeup cotton or microfiber cloth wrapping the arms and rub them back and forth one by one. Remember to rub them gently, because it can protect the arms from bending.

Then is the cleaning of lenses. The lens and the frame are connected, and this is the most important part of glasses. Clean it with gloves will be perfect, otherwise the lens is easy to be scratched by nails, which will affect its service life. The method is the same as the previous one, so there's no need to repeat it.

Then it's the drying part. You can use a soft tissue or glasses cloth, but don't scrape the glasses with sharp objects. Be sure to use a clean cloth and use it gently. When cleaning lenses, use one hand to hold the bridge, and the other hand gently wipes the lens.

use glasses cloth to clean the lens

There is a faster way to clean your glasses (if you don't think it is bothersome). That is to go to the nearest glasses store and they have a machine to clean glasses. Ultrasonic cleaners can remove dirt through vibration, and they can be found in most of glasses stores.

Using ultrasonic cleaners in glasses stores is basically free. The machine can't make a promise to clean glasses 100%, but it is undeniable that you don't have to clean glasses by yourself.

use ultrasonic cleaners to clean glasses

Besides, special attention should be paid to the cleaning of bamboo or wooden glasses frames. Maintaining wooden frames is difficult, for you cannot use water to rinse it. If you treat it improperly, it is likely to be damaged.

Clean it as you would do to a beautiful piece of wooden furniture: removing dust from the surface with cloth and then applying oil or wax to polish it.

About cleaning and maintenance of glasses frames

1. If the screw is loose, take it to the optical shop in time or tighten it with tools in your own. Otherwise, the lens is easy to fall on the ground and break down, so be careful when your glasses have the same problem.

2. Beauty products with many chemical components like cosmetics are easy to make frames faded. Thus, when not using glasses, you can use glasses cloth or tissue to clean it.

3. Most glasses should be folded first from the left arm. If they are folded first from the right arm, the frame may be unbalanced and skewed, resulting in discomfort when you wear it.

4. Wearing and taking off glasses with a single hand is easy to cause deformation of the frame. If your glasses deformed, you should find a local optician to adjust the angle. Do not adjust it by yourself, so as to avoid breaking the lens and damaging the frame.

5. The frame is easy to fade because of the sunlight and pyrolysis if you put it in places easily exposed to the sun for a long time. Those who drive cars should not put glasses on the dashboard of the car especially for acetate frames.

6. Dry it with glasses cloths. Don't let the lens collide with hard objects, and don't rub the lens with your fingers. Wipe the lens with a clean cloth to maintain it.

7. Don't put the convex side of the lens down when place the glasses. If you don't wear it, use a cloth to wrap the glasses and put it into the glasses case to avoid damage.

After reading these tips for cleaning glasses, don't you think they are helpful?

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