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How to find the right glasses for kids?

Lensmart 2022-05-10 09:14:56

Choosing the right pair of glasses for kids can be a tricky job. It is especially challenging for children that are quite young and are not yet so conscious of self-care. Glasses can fall or break, maybe even causing injury to a child in case of a really bad fall. Of course, these accidents are quite rare but it is still a huge issue of concern for many parents, many of whom are reluctant to let their children wear glasses, especially at such a young age.

 Glasses for kids

Is It OK for Kids to Have Glasses?

As much as possible, we would like to protect our kids from eye problems that will require them to wear glasses. But if the eye doctor says they need prescription glasses, then you can’t really do anything about it. They will have a harder time if their vision is less than perfect, especially in school. So yes, it’s OK for kids to have glasses. However, you do have to pick the right pair of glasses for kids for their own safety and comfort.


What Type of Glasses Are Good for Kids?

If there were unbreakable eyeglasses, these would definitely be the best type for any kid. However, we all know that glasses are fragile items by nature. Hence, all we can do is to find the most durable eyeglasses that are not as likely to break as the other more delicate pairs.


The good news is that with the wide range of glasses for kids that are available today, you can find several unique features that will make certain glasses a better option.

1.Bendable Frames

Broken frames are among the most common mishaps that befall glasses for kids. When your child accidentally sits on their glasses, or when the glasses get squished in between heavy objects, the fragile frames can easily crack and break under the pressure. Bendable frames provide an excellent solution to this problem.

2.Scratch-Resistant Lenses

Rambunctious activities are part of any child’s day, and in the course of play, lenses can easily get scratched. Scratches will not only damage the glasses but can also cloud your child’s vision even further.

3.Impact-Resistant Lenses

A common fear of parents is that the child might take a fall and the glasses might shatter in their face. To protect your child and to alleviate your fears, you can look for glasses for kids that have impact-resistant lenses. These might be slightly more expensive than regular glass or plastic lenses, but the extra cost is definitely worth it.


How to Find the Right Glasses for Kids?

Now that you know the important safety features to consider, you can begin the hunt for the perfect pair of glasses for kids. First and foremost, it is crucial to get your child’s opinion before buying a pair for them. Kids can be very self-conscious about wearing glasses so you have to make sure that they are comfortable and confident about wearing one.


A convenient way to shop for glasses with your child is to do it online. Your child can actually try glasses on virtually to see how they would look on them. This can be a very fun way for them to pick exactly the kind of glasses that they like. 

Of course, although it’s great to let them decide on the style and color, you will have to make the decision when it comes to material and the other important features. As much as possible, stay away from cheap glass lenses, and make sure to get one that has a protective coating against scratches.


Hypoallergenic frames are the most ideal for kids, particularly acrylic ones that are very lightweight. If their skin is not so sensitive, you can also have them try titanium, which is fine for older kids. But no matter what kind of glasses for kids you end up buying, make sure to teach them the right ways to care for their glasses so that these will last for a long time. 

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