What face shapes do butterfly glasses look good on?

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Butterfly glasses might seem modern, but this design has been popularized in the past. In fact, the style goes back to the 1950s and was worn by stars like Marilyn Monroe. As the name suggests, the shape resembles that of a butterfly. It was in the 60s when the eyeglasses peaked in popularity and appeared in every eyewear store and manufacturer.

Generally, butterfly glasses were reserved for women. Over time, these styles have managed to attract both men and women. Read through this article to explore your options for various butterfly glasses designs.

Butterfly Glasses

Are butterfly glasses trendy?

Butterfly glasses are timeless designs that are included in this year's trend. Besides providing an excellent facelift to women, most eye manufacturers today have modified the designs of these glasses. You can have butterfly glasses today in wooden frames, which are trendy, chic, and, most importantly, eco-friendly. Meanwhile, metal and titanium butterfly glass frames are popular among people who opt for a minimalist look. Regardless of your choice, there's always a pair of butterfly glasses meant for you.

One must distinguish butterfly glasses from cat eye glasses. Some wearers might interchange their names since the differences between these two are subtle. However, you can differentiate these two as the cat-eye takes the cat's eye shape while the other resembles the butterfly wings.

What face shapes do butterfly glasses look good on?

One of the main requirements when choosing eyewear is the face shape. This ensures the frame accentuates your facial features and does not overpower them. Butterfly frames are flexible, but specific face shapes complement the frame design the most. Check out the list below.

1. Diamond-shaped face.

Butterfly glasses have curved edges where the top rim is subtly arched. The curved style of the glasses brings softness to your dominant facial features, which balances the overall look.

2. Square-shaped face.

People with square faces also have wide jawlines and hairlines. With this, you need eyewear that can soften these parts of your face and accentuate the weaker facial points. You can pick any color and style of the butterfly glasses if your face is square-shaped.

3. Oval-shaped face.

A butterfly glasses frame is an enhanced design of round frames. If you look closely at it, you'll see some softer edges. The style works well for people with oval faces. As you know, the butterfly glasses have an elegant and feminine vibe, which adds glamor to your overall style.

Best butterfly glasses for men and women

The best butterfly glasses for men and women will still depend on one's preference. Some wearers would opt for color butterfly frames, while others might look into eyeglasses' minimalist touch. Look closely at the designs below to give you some inspiration on some of the trendy butterfly glasses today.

1. Harlotte

Harlotte: Cat-eye Ash/Brown-Tortoiseshell Glasses

These butterfly glasses can also be a cat-eye frame for women with dominant top rim edges. The frame has a modern touch, combining colors like ash brown and tortoiseshell. Besides the frame's elegance, its neutral colors allow you to pair it with any outfit. You can customize these Harlotte frames with shades of gray-brown spots and black tortoiseshell for bold colors. The nude brown spots color is also an excellent option for that minimalist look.

2. Nathaniel

Nathaniel: Square Orange-Tortoiseshell Glasses

The style looks bold and manly, but women can still rock these Nathaniel butterfly glasses. You can customize this frame with a vast range of colors. This includes the orange teal, purple, red-blue, black, and transparent. All these shades are combined with a tortoiseshell accent. The frame is slightly oversized, ensuring complete eye protection from the sun, dust, and small objects. Most importantly, you can customize the lens and provide your eye prescriptions before placing your order.

3. Azalea

Azalea: Floral Glasses

If you want to make a statement through your eyewear, these Azalea butterfly glasses must be on your list. The floral accent on the frame presents various colors, making you look more vibrant. You can also opt for transparent, champagne, pink, or black colors. The frame lets you accentuate your facial features and is very flexible, as you can wear them on regular days or special occasions. Customize your lenses if you'd like the frame as prescription glasses.

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