Are octagon glasses in style?

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If you thought of octagon glasses being classic, then you guessed right. These kinds of glasses date back to their origin during the 1800s. Before that, all lenses were technically rounded. Back in the day, these eyeglasses came with eight sides or edges. However, frames during this time were a bit small and with shallow B-measurements.

Octagon glasses reappeared during the 1920s through "Fashions in Eyeglasses" by Richard Corson. Additionally, edgier octagon glasses became popular when steel tycoon Ernest Weir wore a pair on the cover of Life. From then until the 1960s, prominent personalities commonly wore these glasses.


Octagon glasses

What face shapes look best in octagon glasses?

Unlike other trendy frames, there is not much discussion about octagon glasses. However, if someone with an oval-shaped face is looking for a pair of glasses, you can opt for octagon glasses. Oval-shaped faces generally have delicate features, so it is best to choose frames that will not overpower the facial features. Hence the classic octagon glasses can be an ideal option.


Also, avoid those narrow frames and ensure the design you choose covers and sits at the center of the face, balancing the length. Another thing to consider when selecting the size of octagon glasses is that the frames must not be wider than the broadest part of one's face.


Besides oval-shaped faces, people with round and triangular face shapes can also use octagon glasses.


More importantly, colors will also come into play in this scenario. You can choose bolder prints or colors for impact. At the same time, black or white might be the safest option. However, colors can also offer striking features similar to make-up palettes.

Are octagon glasses frames in style?

You sure have explored the classic styles of the past decades. Some of them have reappeared and are even popular today. However, it is not generally the same with octagon glasses. Unlike other retro styles, these types of frames have yet to enjoy an excellent comeback. They were significantly seen in period films and probably even had their last prominent appearance during the 1981 horror musical Shock Treatment.


Despite not being significantly recognized today, you can always see octagon glasses from various optical shops. They even come in different sizes, styles, and colors. Besides the regular eyeglasses, shops also have octagon sunglasses.


Online shops also have a wide selection of octagon glasses which you can choose from. The fact that these types of frames are still here and evolving to this day proves that time has not forgotten octagon glasses. They are stylish and classic and give off that retro vibe. For someone who's into retro fashion, you sure must score a pair of these glasses.

How to buy the right octagon glasses?

You can refer to these straightforward ways while choosing the best octagon glasses for you.


1. Identify your face shape and choose an appropriate frame. 

As discussed previously, octagon glasses are ideal for people with oval, round and triangular faces. These geometric frames provide dimensions but will not overpower one's facial features. As you may know, some frames might not fit one's face shape, so it's best to do this step before anything else.

2. Select colors that will complement one's skin tone. 

Looking for colors that best suit your skin tone can be straightforward. For cool-colored skin tones, you can choose between gray, blue, or black colors. People with warm skin tones can have red, tan, or pink colors. In general, when you learn how to select the frames, it can be easy to choose the right colors. If it's still too hard for you, think of the colors of the clothes you're most comfortable wearing. A similar rule applies to colors for your frames.

3. Consider your budget. 

Just because octagon glasses are classic and retro, they're already expensive. In most cases, many optical shops are offering affordable yet quality glasses. Of course, if you have the luxury to spend on signature glasses, then it's your call. At the end of the day, you want to get your money's worth. You aim to utilize these octagon glasses to their fullest functionality while not wasting the money you invested in buying one. 

Best octagon glasses for men & women

1.Jasmine - Black Octagon Glasses

Jasmine: Black/Gold Glasses

Thin metallic black rims and gold metal frame. This Jasmine glasses has super light weight, so it can always bring one comfortable experience. With its modern and cute style, this glasses suits many different outfits.

2.Siobhan - Tortoiseshell Octagon Glasses

Siobhan: Blue-Tortoiseshell Glasses

The Siobhan glasses adds something new to the traditional tortoise shell frame, bringing this frame some avant-garde style. At the same time, the chunky frame can bring you the vintage style, making your outfits more elegant.

3.Baylor - Tortoiseshell Octagon Glasses

Baylor: Ivory/Tortoiseshell Glasses

Ivory and tortoise shell pattern come together. This Baylor glasses looks urbane and elegant. If you want to express such style, this glasses is the best pair for you. The edgy design also comes with a gentle look, making the glasses cool and modern in an understated way. 

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