What face shapes look good in oval glasses?

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Sometimes, searching for the best frame that suits you can be a handful. As you already have, eyeglasses frames today must be functional and stylish. One essential thing about eyeglasses is their shape.

If you're looking for the best oval glasses, it's also fitting to know the suitable face shape for oval glasses. Continue reading to get more on the latest designs of oval glasses.

Oval Glasses

Why does someone like oval glasses?

Oval glasses are classics. If you're into retro frames, you must know that oval framed eyeglasses first became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Back in the day, oval frames were smaller and made of metallic materials. Today, there are variations of oval glasses worldwide.

People like oval glasses as they balance sharp facial features and are attractive shapes for extended features. While everyone can wear oval-shaped glasses frames, it's also fitting to understand how they can accentuate facial characteristics on specific face shapes.

What face shapes look good in oval glasses?

Most eyeglasses manufacturers today allow people to try the frames first before buying. They can even do it online. Besides trying on the frames to see if they fit, you can also identify your face shape and check on different frame shapes which complement your facial features.

The face shape for oval glasses includes the following:

1. Square faces.

Some call it geometric faces, as the head, jawline, and cheekbones are equally significant. The jawline is also very dominant. A pair of oval glasses will fit this square face as it softens the sharp features. These frames soften the harsh lines and highlight other facial features to balance your look while wearing oval glasses. You can also have colorful borders on your frames to detract one's attention from the square shape.

2. Heart-shaped faces.

People with heart-shaped faces usually have prominent cheekbones, broad brows, and sloping and thin chins. This face shape for oval glasses is suitable since it balances and flattens your facial features aesthetically. Essentially, a pair of oval glasses reduces and levels out any corners. Also, remember to add some splash of color to your frames according to your preference.

3. Diamond-shaped faces.

Similar to the two face shapes mentioned, those with diamond-shaped facial features generally have angles, especially towards the cheekbones and chin. Oval glasses suit these people as they even out the prominent features, making their faces look less geometrical.

Five best oval glasses for men and women

They say that the best eyeglasses are those that you feel most comfortable wearing. But, with how eyeglass manufacturers create frames today, you can also put some style on your glasses for that perfect fit. Here are some of the trendy oval glasses you can take inspiration from this year.


Mirja: Oval Purple Glasses

These aesthetic oval glasses come with a painting-like texture, giving off a chic and vibrant look. You can customize the borders of your frames with different colors like purple, pink, gray, emerald, and yellow. The shades are pastel-like, so they won't seem as bright as you expect them to be. The rims also have metallic edges, perfect for those with thin lenses.


Ettie: Oval Black Glasses

Look smart with these oversized frames. They come with solid borders making them durable in case of falls and bumps. The solid edges also allow you to place thicker lenses if necessary. The frame is made with Tr90+ materials, ensuring a flexible, lightweight, and durable pair of eyeglasses.


Alaya: Oval Clear Glasses

The lenses for these oval glasses are relatively smaller, giving off a vintage look. They have a refined and minimalist charm that suits everyday use. You can customize the rim colors with transparent, gray, or black. It also allows lens customization. This means you can change the lens type and prescription for your oval glasses.


Malee: Oval Blue Glasses

A subtle color to your eyewear can make your daily fit perfect. The borders on these Malee oval frames come in blue, green, or black. Ace that charming and intelligent look with the thin edges, which is ideal for those with thin lenses. The frames also have an anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating.


Oscar: Oval Blue Glasses

A square face shape for oval glasses from Oscar is slightly bigger than the classic oval during the 18th and 19th centuries. You can also customize the frame colors with blue, white, or black.

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