Are wood frame glasses right for you?

Lensmart 2022-07-07 14:28:58

Sustainability is a trend today. People look for products that are made of eco-friendly materials. Regarding prescription glasses frames, users can explore the different kinds of frames in the market today, including wood frame glasses. They are excellent alternatives to metals and plastics. Furthermore, they provide elegance and aesthetics.

Since wood is generally a new material for eyewear, some people wonder if they are dependable. In context, wooden glasses are like the standard eyewear made of any other material.

Wood frame glasses


Why do some people choose wood frame glasses?

Those with prescription glasses agree that finding the right frame for you can be an exciting and daunting task. If you are one of them, you might want to consider wood frame glasses. They provide interesting benefits, which include the following:


In most cases, wood lasts longer without degrading and losing its quality. The material makes it ideal for those who frequently use eyeglasses. Since wood is durable, frames are resistant to water, corrosion, and pollution.

2. Comfortable. 

Few can distinguish the difference between the kinds of frames in terms of comfort. Wood frame glasses are light enough to ensure maximum comfort. Consequently, they allow you to wear them longer without the pressure or discomfort around the ears and nose bridge.

3. Eco-friendly. 

People start to think of the environment when they buy things. The same goes for eyeglasses frames. Wood is an excellent material for reducing carbon emissions hence addressing the current concerns on climate change. Additionally, sourcing the wood and manufacturing frame glasses has minimal environmental impact.

4. Non-toxic. 

Wood generally is hypoallergenic. It typically comes in natural form and involves minimal processing. Wood frame glasses are excellent alternatives to other materials which may cause allergic reactions or other health issues. More importantly, it does not contain any harmful and toxic chemicals.

5. Every frame is different. 

In most cases, wood frame glasses seem to be custom-made. Even if the frames are made from the same, the color, texture, and grain will make the difference. Additionally, the subtle lines of the wood make them look unique from other wooden frames.

Who might not be suitable to wear wood frame glasses?

Some people might not find wood frame glasses very suitable as any other product. Here are some scenarios which imply that wooden frames might not be for you:

1. Frames made of wood are not ideal for people who constantly use eyeglasses in places with higher humidity like saunas, pools, and showers.

2. Suppose you constantly damage your glasses; wood might not be ideal for you. They are not elastic, so you can't straighten them when bent.

3. People who do extreme sports might have to pass on using wood frame glasses. It's also not ideal to use wooden frames over sports goggles as the pieces of wood, when broken, can injure you.

4. In most cases, wood frame glasses do not have adjustable nose pads. In this case, you might have to look for other frame types if you're particular about having nose pads.

Guide to buying the right wood frame glasses

Before spending your hard-earned money on a pair of wood frame glasses, you might want to see this checklist.

1. Proportion. You have to decide the amount of coverage you want for your eyes and your face. Find out the types of eyeglasses suitable for the degree of coverage you prefer.

2. Contrast. The frame's contrasting feature will smooth the wearer's face shape. For example, if one has an angular face with sharper edges, they can go with curved or rounded frames. Meanwhile, for a round-shaped face, they can sharpen the edges by having angular frames.

3. Color. The color of your glasses must compliment your skin tone. You may not find many colors with wood frame glasses. However, you will notice that there are wooden frames with a darker shade. Some manufacturers can provide a lighter shade of wood.

4. The shape of the face. While it may not be a cause for concern for everyone, choosing the right frame style for your face is ideal. Aviators and rimless frames might be suitable for those with heart-shaped faces. If you aren't sure what to choose, go for the wayfarer style. It suits most of the facial structure. Also, wood frame glasses fit this kind of frame style. 

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