Blue glasses frames: buy the best pair for you

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Eyewear trends, indeed, have changed over the years. Besides the designs and frame styles, most people also look into various eyeglass frame colors that could complement their outfits and their skin tones.

While some would opt for neutral colors to pair them with any outfit effortlessly, many people also choose brighter shades like blue glasses frames for their eyewear. Will this frame color suit your style? Why is blue a popular color for eyeglasses? Continue reading to learn more.

Blue Frame Glasses

What do blue glasses frames mean?

Generally, blue represents the colors of the sky and the ocean. When you wear blue glasses, you exude stability and serenity, which could radiate to your overall facial features. In most cases, people will look good wearing blue because of its calming vibe. It's a non-threatening color for most people, meaning blue complements almost all skin colors.

What face shapes best suit blue glasses frames?

Any face shape will look good on a blue glasses frame. Check out some of them below.

1. Round faces.

A person with a round face has smooth lines and soft curves. In most cases, the width from the brow down to the jaw is relatively the same. The goal for round-shaped faces is to add angles to the facial features. With this, you can choose rectangular blue glass frames, making your face look thinner and longer.

2. Heart-shaped faces.

Surely, you can have red frames or pink frame glasses as the heart closely represents these colors. However, the norm can always be tweaked, so choosing the blue glasses frames could be a fresh and unique approach. Remember to select pastel blue or lighter shades of blue to highlight your facial features.

3. Oval faces.

People with oval-shaped faces can generally wear any frame style. You can go bold by choosing the brightest shade of blue glasses frame. You only need to avoid narrow glasses designs and those with bolder designs on the frame.

How to buy the best pair of blue frame glasses?

There are three essential things you must do before buying a blue glasses frame. These factors will help you narrow your options and ensure you get a suitable frame.

1. Checking your face shape allows you to check the appropriate frame style. The right frame style will complement your face shape. As a result, it will look good on you regardless of the shade of blue you choose.

2. Consider your skin tone to assess the brightness or boldness of blue you will have for your eyeglasses frame. Those with cooler skin tones can use any shade of blue. The color also looks good on people with light, deep, and medium skin tones.

3. It pays to assess the raw materials used for the blue glasses frame. While this factor might not matter for many, knowing how durable your frame is will be beneficial, especially if you frequently use your glasses.

Best blue glasses frames for men & women

There are different shades of blue, and each of them gives off a different vibe. You can explore some of the best blue glasses frames as below.

1. Huntley

Huntley: Cat-eye Blue-Light/Blue Glasses

Wearing this blue glasses frame for women feels like you're with the ocean. In the same way, those looking at you while wearing these glasses will feel like they're looking at a vast ocean. The combination of blue and light blue on this cat-eye frame is relaxing and complements the skin tone. You can customize the frame colors on these eyeglasses and pair blue with pine green.

2. Milani

Milani: Round Indigo Glasses

These whimsical blue glasses frames surely add fun and vibe to wearers. The metallic and intricate details on the top of the rim make the glasses more unique. It comes in a darker blue shade with a little black highlight on its temple. The metallic silver, black, and deep blue make these frames worth the purchase.

3. Lyric

Lyric: Square Gradient-Light/Blue Glasses

Pastel blues are your go-to blue glasses frames for a minimalist look. These square frames are dainty and pretty; they could put softer highlights on angular facial features like people with diamond-shaped faces. The subtle blue on these eyeglasses lets you wear any wardrobe color. They're even made with durable materials, so you can ensure that the frame will last longer.

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