5 vintage glasses for round face

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Identifying the shape of your face correctly is the first step to finding the perfect pair of glasses for you. There are a lot of people who mistakenly think that they have a round face just because they are rather overweight or have chubby cheeks. However, one's body type actually has nothing to do with the shape of your face. You may be extremely slim but still have a round face.


So, before you start shopping for glasses for a round face, you first need to confirm whether you do have a round face. To do this, check the height and width of your face. If they are almost the same, then you either have a round or square face. Next, check if your face has angles or if your cheekbones stand out. If the edges are rounded and the cheekbones are not very distinct, then you certainly have a round face and you can start looking for glasses for a round face.

Vintage glasses that suit round faces


According to eyewear experts, the general rule for choosing glasses for round faces is to go for those that have some angles. Square, rectangular or cat eyeglasses are ideal. You might want to stay away from round eyeglasses and those that have very small frames as these will bring too much attention to the roundness of your face instead of creating a nice balance. Vintage eyeglasses for round faces are the best because they combine functionality with great style.

5 Vintage Glasses for Round Face

Vintage eyeglasses are among the most in demand styles in eyewear for both men and women because they have a very elegant appeal that has withstood the test of time. There are also a lot of good-looking square, rectangular and cat eye styles among vintage eyeglasses, which are the best shapes to wear for people with round faces.


Lensmart has a large selection of top quality vintage glasses for round faces. We have highlighted the most popular of our vintage eyewear for you to check out.

1. Oren - Cat Eye Glasses

Elegance and sophistication are the first things that come to mind when you first see these Oren cat eye glasses for women. 

Once you put them on, they will instantly create a beautiful balance on your round shaped face, highlighting your eyes and lifting your features instantly. It only comes in black tortoiseshell, which is really all you need because this style goes well with any outfit. It works with any look, from casual daily wear to special evenings out.

 Cat-eye Black-Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses for Women


2. Tikvah - Square Eyeglasses

Square frames are the most effective in balancing the shape of a round face, and the Tikvah square eyeglasses for women certainly do the job very nicely.

Depending on the color that you choose, they make you look businesslike and very professional, or take years off your features. This certainly says a lot about the versatility of this particular pair of glasses, which are suitable for women of all ages.

 Square Pink Eyeglasses For Women

3. Hala - Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses can give you an instant facelift and add contour to even the roundest faces. The Hala cat eye glasses come in a beautiful yellow frame that is very trendy and that will make your eyes come alive. 

The frame is also lightweight and made of durable Tr90 material that sits comfortably on your face for long periods. Wearing these vintage glasses will definitely bring you compliments from everyone around you. They will also protect you from glare because of the anti-reflective coating on the lens.

Cat-eye Yellow Eyeglasses For Women


4. Aroa - Square Transparent Glasses

If you want to make a strong fashion statement, then this pair of eyeglasses would certainly do the trick. With a very fashionable transparent and large sized frame, the Aroa eyeglasses don't mess around. It is undeniably a vintage style and it can surely pump up any of your retro outfits. 

You will be the center of attention of any party you attend wearing these gorgeous glasses, and the square shape of the frames will nicely add some angles and balance the roundness of your features.

 Square Transparent Eyeglasses For Men and Women

5. Cyprian - Rectangular Glasses

Wearing prescription glasses doesn't have to be boring as some people think. With these vintage red Cyprian eyeglass frames, no one would dare accuse you of being boring at the very least. 

Sexy and chic, the narrow rectangular frame of these glasses is perfect for adding some length and angular features to your round face. The floral detail on the sides also adds a lot of interest and appeal, making these retro eyeglasses even more unique. The red frame is our personal favorite but it also comes in black and brown, both of which are equally beautiful as well.

 Rectangle Red Eyeglasses For Women

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