Rimless sunglasses explained: are they better?

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When you hear 'rimless sunglasses', what's the first thing you visualize? Unlike your regular sunnies, frames with no rims are on another style level. It does not possess the typical silhouette, making its unusual form a head-turner. Should you opt for these sunglasses? What makes them attractive? Let's find out.

Rimless Sunglasses

Are rimless sunglasses better for men or women?

One great thing about rimless shades is that they do not provide an additional distraction to your overall getup. Some rims have a bold color that may disturb your visual periphery. If you are easily distracted, wearing thick or brightly colored frames can sidetrack you from enjoying your view. Going rimless might just be what you need!

This minimalist eyewear is perfect for both men and women. While some designs may focus on fitting a specific gender, plenty of frames are unisex. You can find rimless styles in varying shapes and sizes, providing a plethora of options for you.

Why do some people prefer rimless sunglasses?

You can add rimless sunnies to your collection especially if you love to play with fashion. A lot of people find this design to fit their wardrobe, and for good reasons. What are the benefits of owning this pair of sunglasses? Here's a quick look at the advantages.


Generally, rimless sunglasses utilize less material on the frame. As such, they can have a price tag that's lower than full or half-rim glasses. When you shop for one, don't forget to watch out for deals and discounts, too. These promos can bring in more savings for your shopping!

2.Barely-there design

In the case of small- or medium-sized glasses, the edges can float in and out of your peripheral vision. You can do better without the distraction of using rimless sunnies. The lenses are not surrounded by a heavy frame and remain 'invisible' while wearing them, improving your field of view.


The lack of a solid frame can significantly lessen the overall weight of these eyeglasses. This pair is lightweight, which can provide you with a more comfortable time wearing it. If you must wear sunnies for a full day of adventure, the rimless pieces are the perfect choice for you.

4.Smart aesthetic

The simplicity of rimless sunglasses can make people who love bold fashion hesitate. It may not have the flair and fanciness of statement pieces, but it certainly does not fall behind in style. Sunnies without rims boast a smart aesthetic that you cannot find in other designs.


Rimless sunnies make up for the lack of a solid frame with high-quality materials on the bridge and temples. The sturdy construction is typically made up of thin metal. Plastic-made frames utilize wear-resistant thermoplastics, ensuring outstanding durability.

Guide to buying the best rimless sunglasses

Before shopping, it's important to remember that rimless sunnies have fewer parts than other sunglasses. As such, your buying decision needs to focus on these features and relevant factors that can affect them.


Firstly, the material for the temples and bridges is a crucial aspect to consider. Since this frame is thin and barely there, you should opt for materials that can support the lenses properly. Choose a pair made from metal or plastic that maintains its rigidity yet is flexible at the same time.

Titanium and stainless steel are excellent choices for metal. Some designs use TR90, a durable thermoplastic that is lightweight yet ultra-durable, too. There are also available frames that combine metal and plastic to reinforce the toughness of the eyewear.

2.Lens shape

Rimless sunglasses usually have screws or stables holding the lenses in place. While it may seem like smaller lenses are ideal, advanced frame technology gives you a full range of sizes and shapes! You can base your selection on the shape of your face.

For instance, if you have a round-shaped face, geometric frames like rectangles or squares add defined edges to rounder curves. If you have sharp lines such as that of square- or rectangular-shaped faces, round sunglasses or oval sunglasses will soften your features.


Oversized sunglasses are always charming. Oversized rimless sunnies have a gorgeous silhouette and offer great coverage for outdoor use. You don't have to worry about the frame obstructing your view because this design is almost invisible when worn! Otherwise, choose smaller pieces that add a subtle touch to your outfit. This accessory can help protect your eyes while also creating a chic look.

Shop rimless sunnies

Should you buy rimless sunglasses? Experts are giving a nod to this unique trend, and it's worth including in your collection. You can check out top-quality frames from Lensmart if you want to elevate your fashion style courtesy of rimless sunnies. Buy a pair today!

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