Buffs glasses explained: meaning, pros and cons

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While looking for the best eyeglasses, you might have come across Buffs glasses. Like cat eye glasses, Buffs have been popular, especially in some areas of the United States. In fact, Buffs glasses are made from a unique material you would not expect to be a material used to make eyeglasses. Read through to know more.

Buffs glasses

What are Buffs glasses?

A luxury jewelry brand initially designed Buffs glasses. Its selection of glasses is notable for its high-quality, craftsmanship, excellence, and recognizable barcodes. Some people call Buffs 'Sticks' or 'Ye's,'  which are slowly getting increasingly popular in Detroit, where the terms originated.

The frames became a must-status symbol after one of its first pieces combined a thin metal frame, the brand's double C decor accent, and Bubinga wood. Since the brand debuted its pieces in 1983, it has become the fashion standard, having a formidable connection to social ranks.

You might also encounter other types of glasses called white Buffs. They're practically the same as the Buffs glasses. However, this time, white Buffs are made with white horn legs. They come rectangular with brownish lenses. The type is literally rare, and there are about less than a dozen of them available worldwide.

In general, Buffs glasses are made of what they call a buffalo horn. The brand sources natural horns from Asia and South America, which comes with distinctive designs. The horns are made of natural materials with different tones that give every frame its own identity and personality. Additionally, when made into Buffs glasses, these horns are not coated and can be repolished over time.

Pros and cons of Buffs glasses

For casual onlookers, it can be a handful to understand Buffs glasses. While they were initially popularized in Detroit, the name and brand have gone leaps as they're already known worldwide. In fact, the glasses are even used as a status symbol.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of Buffs glasses which might give you additional insights about the glasses and their trend.

Main Pros

1. They are hypoallergenic. Since these glasses come in high-quality and natural raw materials, you can expect the product to suit anyone. In fact, they are also suitable for wearers with allergies.

2. Buffs glasses are lightweight. The brand manufacturer of Buffs glasses also ensures that any wearers will not feel stuffy when with these glasses. The natural strokes and stripes on the frame make them look more attractive and comfortable.

3. Every piece is intricately designed. Imagine buying a designer bag. It's the same with these Buffs glasses. Each frame comes with a beautiful shape and design. As discussed previously, the raw materials allow the glasses to have distinct personalities and styles.

Main Cons

1. They are expensive. The price can range between $1000 and $3000. The cost is relatively understandable, given the materials the manufacturer used to create a luxurious look for every frame.

2. Some raw materials might hurt the diversity of the ecosystem. One of its raw materials is horns, the brand sourced from Asia and South America. As the demand rises, it may affect the diversity of the wildlife, let alone the existence of these animals where they get their horns from.

3. The frames are associated with crime. Despite its popularity, Buffs glasses were the reason why 20-year-old Darryle Miller was killed. This happened after he wore a pair of them.

Are Buffs glasses in trend?

Yes. Buffs glasses symbolize being wealthy, and more people are attracted to purchasing a pair of these glasses. Its popularity spans close to thirty years now, particularly in Detroit. While the city has been iconic for its music, you cannot also count out the fact that people in Detroit set the trend of Buffs glasses.

Looking into it, not everyone can afford thousands of dollars for a single pair of glasses. Though, in some cases, you can, especially for a prescription. But if your goal is to wear the same frame and style as the Buffs glasses, manufacturers can provide you with one. Although, you have to lower your expectations as they do not come with unique codes and exquisite raw materials.

More importantly, you can always go in style and with the trend without spending more than you can afford.

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