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Half Rim Glasses

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    Clear AB Drill Behati - Cat Eye Glasses
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    Tortoiseshell Nevaeh - Round Glasses
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    Black Lucien - Round Glasses
  • 33% OFF
    Red Cory - Rectangle Glasses
  • 33% OFF
    Silver Green Ogden - Cat Eye Glasses
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    Gold Oaklee - Oval Glasses
  • 66% OFF
    Black Dallis - Aviator Glasses
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    Black Mozana - Cat Eye Glasses
  • 33% OFF
    Gold Brown Sebastian - Cat Eye Glasses
  • 34% OFF
    Black Gold Alexia - Rectangle Glasses
  • 50% OFF
    Black Tortoiseshell Rami - Oval Glasses
  • 33% OFF
    Red Black Tortoiseshell Leona - Square Glasses
  • 33% OFF
    Gold Pink Ariah - Oval Glasses
  • 33% OFF
    Black Tortoiseshell Noelle - Round Glasses
  • 34% OFF
    Black Clear Matteo - Square Glasses

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FAQ About Half Rim Glasses

What are half rim glasses?

Half rim glasses, also known as semi-rimless glasses, are glasses that have the upper half of the lens attached to the frame, and the lower half of the lens is not attached. This gives the glasses a more open and airy look, and they are also generally lighter weight than full rim glasses.

What face shape looks best with half rim glasses?

Generally, round faces, heart-shaped faces, and square faces will look good with half rim glasses. For those with round faces, half rim glasses with rectangular or square frames can help to create a more angular look. Those with heart-shaped faces should look for half rim glasses with frames that are wider at the bottom, as this will help to balance out the face. And finally, square faces should choose frames that are round or oval in shape to soften the angles of the face. Learn more.

What are the benefits of half rim glasses?

First, half rim glasses are much lighter than full rim glasses, which makes them more comfortable to wear for a long period of time. They are also less likely to slip down your nose as the weight of the glasses is evenly distributed. Additionally, half rim glasses can give you a more natural appearance, as they do not obscure your eyes as much as full rim glasses. Finally, half rim glasses are generally less expensive than full rim glasses.

Do half rim glasses make you look younger?

Yes, half rim glasses can sometimes give the appearance of a more youthful and modern look because:
1.Lighter and less obstructive: Half rim glasses typically have a rim on the upper part of the lenses while leaving the lower part rimless or with a thin wire. This design can make the glasses appear lighter and less bulky compared to full rim glasses. The reduced frame material can give a more open and airy look to the face, which may contribute to a youthful appearance.
2.Contemporary aesthetic: Half rim glasses are often associated with a modern and trendy style. Choosing a frame design that aligns with current fashion trends can create a youthful and fashionable impression.
3.Focus on upper face: The half rim design draws attention to the upper part of the face, including the eyes and brows. This can help bring focus to these features and potentially create a more youthful and energetic look.

Are half rim glasses classy?

Yes, half rim glasses can be considered classy and sophisticated. The semi-rimless design of half rim glasses often offers a sleek and minimalist aesthetic that can elevate one's overall look.

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