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Stylish sunglasses for square face(with tips for men & women)

Lensmart 2022-05-09 18:35:58

Summer is just around the corner once again and it's about time that you go out and get yourself a new pair of sunglasses to go with your beach outfit. Now, there is no shortage of sunglasses that you can choose from. The question is which of these pairs will complement your face the most? It's really not as difficult as it seems. The answer lies in the shape of the face that you have. In this article, we will talk about the most stylish sunglasses for square faces, both for men and women.

sunglasses for square face

What Kind of Sunglasses Look Good with a Square Face?

There are those kinds of people who look great regardless of what kind of sunglasses they wear. But in general, people with a square face tend to look best when wearing glasses with oval or round frames.

Oval Frames

A square face is typically quite angular, and oval frames do a lot to soften these angles, while also balancing out the hard edges of a square face. Oval frames are actually quite versatile because they look great on most face shapes.

Round Frames

Similarly, round frames can diminish the hard angles of a square face. Whether you choose a small round frame or one of those trendy oversized ones, any of these will make excellent sunglasses for square faces.


Men’s Stylish Sunglasses for Square Face

A lot of men have square faces so you will not have a shortage of choices when looking for a pair that would look great on your face. Lensmart has several amazing options, and our favorite ones are as follows.

Miika Oval Brown Sunglasses

Oval Brown/Brown Sunglasses for Men Women

This is one of the best-selling pairs of sunglasses for square faces and it's not hard to see why. With its fashionable design and sturdy craftsmanship, there's no wonder that men of all ages prefer the Miika oval brown sunglasses. It also translates easily from a casual to a more formal setting. With its lightweight material, the Miika is also very comfortable to wear all day.


Samuel Oval Black Sunglasses

Oval Black Sunglasses For Women Men

Cool and sophisticated is the look that you will instantly convey by wearing the Samuel oval sunglasses in black. Very professional and elegant, this pair of sunglasses complements a square face perfectly and will leave others staring in awe at you whenever you pass by. You can also get this in tawny, tortoiseshell and gray frames.


Women’s Stylish Sunglasses for Square Face

If you are a woman and are very conscious about having a square face, these beautiful sunglasses will greatly reduce the harshness of the edges and give you a soft and delicate look.

Sofia Round Diamond Sunglasses

Round Diamond/Grey Sunglasses For Women

Nothing exudes style and confidence better than the Sofia round diamond sunglasses. The frame is also available in black and white but we absolutely love the multi-colored diamond option that shows a lot of personality and flair. Made of high-quality metal and acrylic, the Sofia is made for extensive wear, with its no-slip design and lightweight.

Muhammad Pink & Gray Round Sunglasses

Round Gold/Grey-Pink Sunglasses For Men Women

For that casual yet sophisticated look, the Muhammad round sunglasses will top off your outfit quite nicely. The gold metal frames give an undeniably cool and classy look and the lenses with a gray to pink gradient give a delicate feminine touch. The round frame effectively softens the hard edges of a square face, giving you a delicate appearance like never before. The Muhammad is also available in combinations of gold and brown, gold and gray, and black and gray.

Final Thoughts

In addition to going for the oval and round shapes, you might also want to stay away from square and rectangular frames. These will not usually be among the best sunglasses for square faces because they will only make your face look more angular or boxy.


However, there are also a few other really great sunglasses for square face. Cat eye sunglasses are particularly nice for women and also work well for some men. Sometimes, you have to try the glasses on to see whether they will suit you or not, and you can do exactly that if you visit Lensmart. Using the “try on” feature, you can see for yourself just which eyeglasses will work perfectly to give you the look that you are after.

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