Everything about TR90 glasses you should know

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Have you been exploring various eyeglass materials lately? There surely are a handful of them today that eyewear manufacturers use to ensure their products are durable. In this case, you may have encountered TR90 glasses.

TR90 Glasses

What is TR90 in glasses?

First, we must define TR90. It's a thermoplastic material that is durable, lightweight, and flexible—all these qualities you usually experience in most eyewear today. As a result, TR90 glasses are extremely comfortable to wear even when using them for longer periods. The material's flexibility allows the eyeglasses to bend under pressure and contour the wearer's face comfortably. Most importantly, these frames are resilient to possible damage.

What are the benefits of TR90 glasses?

Four reasons can convince you that TR90 glasses are your go-to frames regardless of where you'll use the eyewear.

1. It's lightweight. 

Based on research, the density of superior-quality TR90 materials ranges between 1.14 to 1.15 kg/m3. This means the eyeglasses frame made of the material is relatively lighter than a regular nylon. It makes TR90 glasses one of the market's lightest frames. As a result, it lifts the burden off the wearer's nose and ears.

2.Frames made from a TR90 material are impact-resistant. 

If you constantly drop your eyeglasses, you can switch to a TR90 material for more flexibility. As a result, the frames are much more resilient to bumps and other damage. Regardless of how often you drop TR90 glasses, you'll likely not get any scratches.

3.The material has a high resistance to heat.

A pair of TR90 glasses can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees. Even if your frame accidentally comes in contact with a fire, it will not get burned or melt quickly.

4. There's a vast color and style selection with a TR90 material.

TR90 can be molded into different designs and incorporated with many color combinations.

TR90 vs. acetate, which is the better glasses material?

Acetate frames are made of synthetic materials called acetate, which is derived from natural cellulose. In short, it's a type of plastic that has been a staple in eyeglasses for years thanks to its classic appeal and versatility. Acetate is generally eco-friendly as it is crafted through plant-based materials.

Meanwhile, the TR90 material is a combination of polymer and plastic, which results in lightweight yet durable eyeglasses frames. As you know, this material is famous for its resilience and flexibility. In most cases, TR90 glasses are better than acetate frames primarily because of TR90's cutting-edge innovation, providing more comfort and durability to most eyewear today.

How to find the best TR90 glasses?

To secure the best TR90 eyewear, you must first look into the appropriate frame design of the TR90 glasses. This means considering your face shape to identify the right design and shape of the eyeglasses frame. It's generally the first step in purchasing an eyewear.

As you know, the TR90 material can produce various colors. It's also essential to assess your skin tone to choose the best frame color that compliments your skin. Warmer skin colors can have frame colors like silver, brown, and gold, while cooler skin tones can go for pink, blue, or tortoise colors.

Best TR90 glasses for men & women

All the TR90 glasses listed here ensure durability as they're made from legitimate TR90 materials. Check out some of the frame designs below.

1. Paisley

Paisley: Oval Gradient-Brown Glasses

This is a classic TR90 frame with oval shape with bolder rim edges, ideal for those with thicker lenses. Secure a pair today before all the variants get sold out. It's one of the more popular designs in the collection, so you can never go wrong with these Paisley frames.

2. Behati

Behati: Cat-eye Clear-AB/Drill Glasses

The browline design of this frame is extraordinary. It's rimless on the upper part of the frame, while the lower rim edges are accentuated with diamond-like sparkles where colors can be customized. You can change it to pink, black-white, blue, or a combination. The frame looks fragile, but you can ensure durability as it's made of TR90 material.

3. Grady

Grady: Rectangle Black-Clear Glasses

The classic rectangle shape of this frame is ideal for those looking for prescription glasses. You can customize the lenses and change them with your eye prescription. The frames are blue, gray, red, orange, and black.

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