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Everything you need to know about oversized sunglasses

Lensmart 2021-10-18 00:14:20

Oversized sunglasses are back and bigger than ever. Once worn by hipsters and superstars alike this glam look offers full face protection. Feel confident and protected whilst rocking various different styles from early 2000’s Hollywood glamour to 70’s chic. With extra large glasses, spectacles are practically transformed into a mask, covering the eyebrows and expanding past the cheekbones. A beloved style, versatile and diverse, oversized sunglasses are befitting of a wide array of social situations and personal style.

oversized sunglasses


Why are oversized sunglasses so popular?

Recognised spectacle historians such as Dr David Fleishman have traced back oversized sunglasses to as far back as 15th century China. In this time Italian merchants and missionaries brought vision correcting lenses to China. But of course they came at a steep premium and spectacles became an indicator of social status with the larger the spectacle, the more influential the man.


Speeding forward a few hundred years and oversized sunglasses are all the rage amongst celebrities who has taken advantage of the style to protect themselves from paparazzi. Though oversized sunglasses aren’t exactly great for avoiding attention, thick rims shine brightly under spotlights and camera flashes bringing even more attention with it. Stars such as Jackie O, Diana Ross, Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Hardy, and the Beatles turned these typical sixties frames into an iconic look which will continue to dazzle us time and time again.


Then at the turn of the millennium, oversized sunglasses become more popular than ever, not just as a symbol of high status but also as an emblem of hipster nerdom. And for some time these two opposing groups sported similar pairs of oversized specs. oversized sunglasses were worn both at your local library and on the face of Paris Hilton walking on the red carpet cira 2005.

This cements the oversized style as a versatile look wearable by everybody.

How to pick the best oversized sunglasses?

Okay, so now your thinking about getting yourself a pair of extra large glasses, but how do you find the best pair?

oversized sunglasses of Lensmart

Well to begin with, you will need to keep your face shape in mind. Oversized frames can work with a range of facial features it isn’t always suitable for everyone. If you are worried this style might not suit your face shape then here are a few pointers to help you find a pair of sunglasses which fill flatter your face.


First, make sure you don’t go too big. The frames’ width should extend to the temples and not reach past the width of your face. Secondly, make sure you find the right pupil placement. You want to make sure that your eyes are positioned behind the lenses centers; otherwise, the frame will not only be uncomfortable but also potentially compromise your vision. Thirdly, make sure the nose bridge fits correctly. Large glasses will likely be heavier than your usual smaller specs, so it’s important to ensure that the weight is distributed properly.


Then finally have fun! The basic advice when picking out oversized sunglasses is to find a frame shape you are already familiar with and know suits your face. But these rules aren’t set in stone, so there is no reason why you can’t take this opportunity to try out some playful and bold styles.


Oversized sunglasses trends

If you are interested in getting yourself a pair of oversized specs, then keeping an eye on the current trends might help you pick out the perfect pair. Luckily oversized sunglasses are incredibly diverse in styles, so it’s likely that one of the currently trending frame styles will complement your style.


Let’s begin with our boxy geometric styles. Rectangular lenses, especially ones with brightly colored acetate frames, have taken front and center stage. So try out some oversized rectangle lenses with thick acetate frames. Uplifting colors such as smoky red, olive green, and sunshine yellow will help you on your quest for the perfect pair of sunnies.


Let’s turn the clock back a few decades with an ode to the ‘70s. Extra-large square lenses are in this season. In fact, 70’s styles have been in all year. Enhance this look using luxurious neutral tones such as rich browns and blacks.

oversized sunglasses

Keeping to the retro-theming oversized cat eye sunglasses are all the rave this season. The feminine silhouette of the cat-eye lens is perfect for elongating the face and emphasizing the cheekbones. Try mixing with a tortoiseshell pattern, and you can enjoy two of the hottest sunglasses trends of the year at once.

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