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What glasses look best on a heart shaped face?

Lensmart 2022-02-02 19:58:17

If you have a heart shaped face, you will most likely be on the lookout for the best glasses for a heart shaped face; that is the right kind of glasses that will protect your facial features in the best possible light. However, before you even begin to look for such glasses, you need to be sure that yours is a heart shaped face. So what are the characteristics of this facial feature?

Firstly, people with heart shaped faces have a wide facial width. Secondly, you will notice that your jawline has the same symmetry as your forehead with a slightly noticeable chin. Furthermore, you will also notice that your cheekbones taper inward compared to other facial structures.

Another characteristic of this facial structure is a wide forehead and a round hairline with the face being at the widest in your forehead area. Also of importance to note are your wide cheekbones which are quite pronounced.

So if your facial structure matches the above description just know that you have a heart shaped face. With that being said, what are the best glasses for heart shaped faces and how can you spot them? Keep reading to know more.

What glasses look best on a heart shaped face?

There are predominantly did types of glass frames for the six different types of face structures. We have

· Round Frames

· Rectangular Frames

· Oval Frames

· Square Frames

· Heart Shaped Frames

· Triangle Frames

Of these frames, there are a few that will suit people with heart shaped faces. Below, we review some of the best glasses for heart shaped faces so next time you go shopping, you will make the right choice.

Oval frames

Oval frames fit people with heart shaped faces perfectly. This is because the structure of the frames balances out the extended angles on both sides of the chin so the look is transformed into a triangle face. Oval shaped glasses are not like round glasses but more spherical like an egg so they do not overemphasize the raised cheekbones.

Square Frames

Another type of frame you should be looking out for is a square frame. Square Frames are ideal for people with heart shaped faces because they have a wider width at the top than the bottom. This makes their lenses a bit more tapered which draws attention to your forehead rather than your cheekbones. Square glasses give a heart shaped face a balanced and calm look.

Rectangular Frames

The third best glasses for a heart shaped face are a rectangular frame. This frame will reduce the curve in your face but will not attract too much attention to the extended width at the top. For a more appealing look, we recommend a thin metal frame over a thick one and combine that with a light colored lens and your look will be much more appealing.

So in a nutshell, the best glasses for a heart shaped face are the oval, square and rectangle frames. If you go for any of these three frames, your best features will be projected behind the frame.

The best glasses for heart shaped face in 2022 

To further simplify your choice, we review below some of the best glasses for heart shaped face in 2022. Note that these glasses are highly sought after so anyone you choose to go for will set you apart from the crowd.

1.  Anala

Cat-eye Red Eyeglasses for Men and Women

Anala is a red cat eyeglasses for men and women with heart shaped faces. These glasses have a dark color for a bold and transformative look; the thin and minimalist frame will not drown you out but accentuate your features for the world to see. For men who want a slightly effeminate look, Anala is the way to go. Women who are fans of cat eyeglasses will also like the look of Anala on their faces.

This low key design with a dignified frame color is a fashion accessory worth your investment if you ask us.

2.  Caoimhe

 Cat-eye Purple Eyeglasses for Women

Caoimhe is another very good option for people with heart shaped faces. Caoimhe is a cat eyeglasses for women who like strong colors. The attractive purple color will set you apart in a crowd and if you wear a matching color outfit your entire appearance will reek of royalty and opulence. The craftsmanship is what makes it an exquisite accessory for lovers of high fashion.

3.  Pola

Cat-eye Purple-Pink-Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses for Women

If you love mixing bright colors then you should consider Pola. These glasses are a mixture of purple and pink frames. Pola is another cat eyeglasses for heart shaped faces we recommend. It has an adjustable spring and a stylish curve that will fit your face perfectly. The material is high grade TR90 plastic that is both durable and flexible. Pola is lightweight so you will not suffer any form of discomfort. You can order the medium size frame to fit your looks perfectly.

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What glasses look best on a heart shaped face?

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