Are small glasses in style?

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Choosing the right frame that will look good on you is probably one of the primary struggles for those with eyeglasses. There are things you need to consider when choosing frame glasses. Today, more people look into the frame style before buying one. There are various options they can have - from large frame glasses to petite frames.


If you shop for eyeglasses, you know that frames are more than just for fashion. They also have to be comfortable and durable when using them. Read through to know more about small glasses and why most people prefer them today.

Small cat eye glasses

Why does someone like wearing small glasses?

Generally, small frames were popular even back in the day to make eyeglasses lighter to wear since lenses before were all made of glass. Today, these glasses are still the trend as they are also essential for higher prescriptions. Small glasses tend to have narrow lenses with wider end piece widths. This way, stronger prescriptions with thick lenses will less likely be noticeable compared to larger frames.


It's also worth noting that small glasses give off a lightweight feel when worn. Hence, they provide comfort to wearers, especially those who use them for longer periods. While most people today settle for regular frame glasses that would generally slide down your face, here are small glasses that ensure a snug fit for every wearer.


Additionally, small glasses are not just for prescription lenses as many celebrities turn to these frames to combine with their outfits.

Who may best suit small glasses?

Small glasses are technically made for narrow or small faces. Based on some rules, glasses will look best when the frame's total width is about the same width as the wearer's face. For those with narrow faces, the frame width must be equal to or a little bit greater than the face's width.


In most cases, the size of the glasses must be proportional to the face's shape. With this, oval, rectangular, and cat-eye glasses are the three top choices for small glasses. These frame styles will not dominate one's facial features. Besides comfort, you would always want to look good when wearing glasses.


Frame colors will also be a factor when choosing small glasses. In general, small frame glasses with colors like olive green, warm red, beige, brown, light tortoiseshell, gold, or honey are ideal for people with warmer skin tones. Additionally, people with cooler skin tones can choose small glasses with colors including gray, silver, purple, blue, dark tortoiseshell, mauve, or pink.


Every small pair of glasses will suit you given that you consider your face shape. It's one of the factors to look good when wearing eyeglasses. Many kinds of small glasses accentuate your facial features. It's just a matter of trying out your options first before buying that pair of small glasses.

Are small glasses in style?

Small glasses were generally popular during the late 19th century and the early parts of the 20th century. Safe to say that people during this era are also into lightweight and comfortable glasses. Previously, these glasses did not have arms to hold and fit the wearer's face. Instead, they had cords, chains, or ribbons connected to the clothing so it could easily be removed and not lost.


Eventually, it evolved to what you see and use today. You can already identify that small glasses are currently used by celebrities for fashion just by looking at their features. There are those glasses with lens sizes that are only slightly greater than the eyes.


If you are searching for frames for fashion or prescription, you can trust small glasses to do both for you. They may not be as trendy as aviators, but there surely is a considerable amount of following for small glasses in recent years.

Guide to finding the right small glasses

You already know that not everyone can pull off wearing small glasses. Considering all the factors previously mentioned and suppose you have decided to purchase one, you might have to consider these following factors as well.


1. Think of the glasses that will complement your face. 

This is generally one of the first steps in looking for the right small glasses for you. You already know that for small frame glasses, people with smaller and narrow faces are likely to have them. Surely, there are other designs of small glasses that will complement your facial features.


2. Consider your skin tone and color. 

Besides the shape, you also need to think about blending your skin tone with your small glasses. In most cases, the colors are divided whether the wearer has warmer or cooler skin tones. Considering the colors of your glasses avoids clashes of colors every time you wear the small glasses.


3. Check the material used. 

Not all people who wear glasses inspect the materials of the glasses before buying one. However, this is necessary to check how durable the materials used in making the product are. Additionally, there are cases when the wearer is sensitive to certain materials. To avoid any allergic reactions, it's ideal for wearers to be aware of the materials used.


4. Focus on comfort. 

The best small glasses will always be the one that makes you comfortable when wearing them. Once you have narrowed down your options based on the things mentioned above, it's high time to see whether you feel good wearing them. As you may know, small glasses ensure a better fit when worn. However, you must ensure the glasses will not hurt when you wear them for longer hours.


5. Think of your budget. 

Of course, you can splurge on expensive small glasses if you can. However, people today look for durable and affordable products, including eyeglasses. Your glasses need not be expensive to be durable. Most manufacturers use products that ensure durability and sell them at an affordable price. This is why you need to inspect the materials used to assess whether you are paying the right amount for a pair of small glasses.

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