Blue light reading glasses explained: do they work?

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Most of us are familiar with reading glasses and how a lot of people, as they age, start to require them in order to see small text clearly. It is usually by the early to mid-forties that this need starts to become apparent. Blue light blocking glasses, on the other hand, are a kind of eyewear that is worn while using the computer and is designed to keep the potentially harmful blue rays from entering the eyes.


Reading glasses are traditionally used to see more clearly when reading books or working on printed documents. But in the digital era, these tasks are now usually done on the computer, hence the creation of blue light reading glasses. This eyewear lets you see more clearly as you work in front of a screen, while still giving you maximum protection against blue light.


Blue Light Reading Glasses

Are blue light reading glasses worth It?

There is some debate as to whether these eyeglasses are worth it. Do they really work? Can they really prevent the headaches that come with prolonged staring at computer monitors? And when combined with the prescription lenses of reading glasses, won't the tint of the glasses cause even more eyestrain?


People have been spending more and more screen time over the last few years. This has led to the significantly increased exposure of our eyes to blue light. According to studies, such high exposure is the cause of many reported cases of headaches, dizziness, eye strain and an assortment of vision problems.


If you find yourself spending extended periods of time in front of a computer screen, it is certainly worthwhile to consider investing in a pair of blue light glasses. And if you also wear reading glasses, you would be glad to know that you can order blue light reading glasses in your exact prescription. These will help you see not only clearly but also comfortably and safely as you work in front of the computer even the whole day.


How to buy the right blue light reading glasses?

Buying the right glasses is not that hard. There are actually plenty of ready-made blue light blocking glasses that are now available at optical shops and even online. But what's most important in your case is that you need to get the reading glasses prescription right.


Next, you need to try out the glasses to see how comfortable it is. You will likely be wearing it for hours on end, so you should pick a frame that is lightweight and easy to wear, and made of material that will not weigh heavily on your face.


It is also worth looking for special features on the lenses, like an anti-glare and anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant features, UV protection, and high-quality material. And of course, you should pick a frame that matches your own personal style and also complements your features.

Five great frames for blue light reading glasses

There is no better time than now to buy a new pair of these glasses, simply because there are so many beautiful designs available for both men and women! To help you take a pick, here are our top 5 choices.


1.Axel Rectangle Transparent Frosted Glasses

Axel: Rectangle Transparent Frosted Glasses

Clear frames are very in right now, and combined with the frosted rims, the Axel makes for a very chic and modern solution to your vision problems. Made of durable but lightweight material, this unisex pair is so comfortable to wear that you can even forget you have glasses on.


2.Danna Cat Eye Orange/Blue Glasses for Women

Danna: Cat Eye Orange/Blue Glasses

Elegant and sassy at the same time, the Danna is the perfect computer glasses for the professional woman. See clearly while you work while looking your best at the same time.


3.Jillian Rectangle Black Glasses

Jillian: Rectangle Black/Gold Titanium Glasses

How can you go wrong with a classic pair of black glasses? The Jillian looks perfect on both men and women, and also complements a wide range of face shapes. It exudes a highly professional look and is comfortable to wear as well.


4.Finian Oval Purple Glasses

Finian: Oval Purple Glasses

Looking for a splash of color to liven up your outfit? Don your pair of Finian blue light reading glasses and you will definitely be turning heads at the office. It certainly makes a bold statement and is surprisingly very lightweight. You'd want to wear it all day.


5.Hyatt Aviator Blue Glasses

Hyatt: Aviator Blue Glasses

Who says aviator glasses are only for men? This blue Hyatt looks mighty fine on both men and women, with its classic style and vibrant blue color, making it the ultimate pair of reading glasses. It also matches any outfit, from rugged to formal.

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