Magnetic reading glasses explained: pros and cons

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Are you someone who constantly wears reading glasses? It sure can be a handful to take them off; place the eyeglasses inside the case and bring them while you're outside. You can avoid all these hassles with magnetic reading glasses. Forget searching for your eyeglasses case and just let your reading glasses hang on your neck when you don't need them.


magnetic reading glasses

How do magnetic reading glasses work?

Magnetic reading glasses are revolutionary frames that prevent users from losing their frames. In most cases, these glasses split open from the nose bridge, which is technically connected by two magnets. Also, the frame's continuous side temples form a neckband that can rest on the neck around the wearer's collar.


This means that you can avoid losing, carrying, or breaking anything related to your reading eyeglasses. Magnetic reading glasses come in different types with various materials. This can include those made from polycarbonate material with a fixed band. Others can be made from rubber materials with flexible bands.


The choice of material will solely be based on your preferences and other factors. More importantly, your magnetic reading glasses must serve their purpose.


Pros and cons of magnetic reading glasses

To better understand the purpose of these glasses, one must assess their benefits and drawbacks. These factors will help you decide whether to purchase these frames or look for other options. See the insights below.


Main Pros

1. There will be no more lost reading glasses. You can leave your glasses around your neck when you're not using them. This also allows for easy access in situations where you need to read something using your eyeglasses.

2. Manufacturers generally make these durable frames. Wearers can choose among materials usually used to produce magnetic reading glasses. Makers also ensure that frames are stretchy enough to avoid being broken when wearers remove the frame from the noose bridge.

3. Magnetic reading glasses are hassle-free. Outside, you can leave the bulky case at home.


Main Cons

1. Some might find the eyeglasses uncomfortable since one needs to wear the whole around the neck instead of the temples ending at the earpieces. This can be a bother when someone's lying in bed.

2. Some types of magnetic eyeglasses might break. This especially applies to wearers who are meticulous about the materials and the durability of the frames.

3. Magnetic reading glasses can be expensive. While various manufacturers already provide durable and affordable pairs of glasses, some might add more dollars to have prescriptions for their lenses.


Guide to buying the best magnetic reading glasses

Purchasing magnetic reading glasses is similar to getting a standard pair of glasses. Here are some helpful factors you must consider when shopping for magnetic eyeglasses.


1. Know your face shape. This is essential to choosing a frame since your face shape will tell you the frame you will get. Essentially, the style of the frame must accentuate the wearer's facial features. There must be a contrast between the style and face shape instead of overpowering.


2. Frame color is essential. Like frame styles, the choice of frame color will also matter. This especially applies to magnetic reading glasses where the temples extend to the back encircling the neck. This makes the color more obvious.


For warm skin tones, they can opt for olive, honey, dark red, and coral shades. Meanwhile, cooler skin tones can have blue, green, purple, blue-green, and magenta frames.


3. Identity the prescriptions if applicable. Reading glasses can also have their prescriptions. If you need to customize magnetic reading glasses and include prescriptions on the lenses, you must ensure that you purchase from a manufacturer who can customize frames. In other cases, your eye doctor's clinic can customize the lenses for you.


4. Evaluate the materials used. Magnetic reading glasses are slightly different from the usual eyeglasses because of the temples. Hence, you must assess what the frames are made of. This is to ensure that the eyeglasses will not easily break.


5. Consider the cost. While this aspect might only be applicable for some, getting your money's worth is always essential. As you already know, these reading glasses can be expensive depending on the materials used. Some of them last years before the frames are replaced. That's already a good deal, especially if you use magnetic reading glasses daily.


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