Everything about multi focus reading glasses explained

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Have you ever heard about or used multi-focus reading glasses before? As you must know, multi-focus glasses have been around for a very long time and remain hugely popular among the glasses wearing population.

A multi focus reading glasses are a kind of eyeglasses that allow you to see comfortably at all times regardless of the prevailing light conditions. If you have these glasses, you will not need to switch from one pair of glasses to another to see clearly. Rather, just one unit will work for you at all times.

These glasses are commonly worn by people with presbyopia (farsightedness) and people over 40 years of age with visual issues. If you suddenly notice that you have a hard time reading small letters and you only see clearly when you hold a book far away from your eyes, then you need multi-focus reading glasses.

Multi focus reading glasses

How do multi focus reading glasses work?   

Multi focus reading glasses work similarly to the way most prescription glasses work but with a slight difference. The lenses in the frame have two or more prescription strengths. The bottom part of the lens aids strength reading while the top part of the lens aids distance reading. 

The beauty of these dimensions is that they allow you to see objects that are very far away. You can look straight ahead and see objects and letters without straining your eyes.

Secondly, when you look downwards, the magnifying capacity of the lens allows you to see tiny text clearly. These and more are some of the reasons why multi focus glasses are a favorite of many.


Who needs multi-focus reading glasses?            

Who actually needs Multi focus glasses? The answer to this question is not really straightforward but suffice it to say that any individual with reading troubles should consider using multi focus reading glasses.

Over 40 years of age: If you are over 40 years of age and you struggle to see tiny letters, you definitely need this eyewear.

Presbyopia: If you have presbyopia and you tend to hold books far from your face before you can even read the text you definitely need multi focus reading glasses.

Affected by changing light conditions: Our retinas lose strength as we age and this phenomenon affects us in different ways. For some, changing light conditions affect their vision clarity more than others. 

So if you discover that you can see clearly at night but not so clearly during the day or your vision is impaired in one way or another depending on the light in a room, you may need multi-focus reading glasses.

Age and degree reading glasses reference table

One-Power vs Multi-Focus vs Progressive Reading Glasses  

Three common reading glasses widely used today are

· One Power

· Multi focus

· Progressive

How do they stack up against each other? We briefly review them below and leave you to make your decision on the one to go for.

1. One Power

One power glasses are designed to address your needs in a single pair. These glasses are generic models mass produced for users regardless of their ages, and magnification needs or their eyes difference. The average magnification power of One Power glasses range between 0.5 – 2.50. The lens power is also uniform across the board. One power glasses are not custom glasses.

2. Multi Focus glasses

Multi focus reading glasses are designed with different magnifying strength zones. These zones allow the user to see clearly across the board. Consider multi focus glasses to be like several glasses merged into one because that is basically what they are. They can serve as reading and driving glasses because they improve vision clarity.

3. Progressive Glasses

Then you have progressive glasses also called No-Line Bifocals. Progressive glasses are similar to Multi focus reading glasses only that they allow the user to see near and far distances. You can also see more than one field depending on the direction you look. 

Most progressive glasses have transparent top lenses that magnify images as you lower your gaze. The middle part is meant for seeing lighted spaces like computer screens clearly while the bottom part of the lens is for reading.

Final Thoughts 

These three glasses have their strengths and weaknesses but if you want to buy a glass that gives you more reading value, a multi focus reading glasses is your best bet. However, before you decide on an option, it pays to consult an eye professional for advice.

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