Do prescription blue light glasses work?

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With many people, young and old, now spending several hours a day staring at screens, concern about the decline of eye health has led to the creation of new protective equipment. One of the currently very popular ones is blue light glasses

There are now many different styles and varieties of blue light glasses available, including prescription blue light glasses. These supposedly protect us from the harsh blue light emitted by computer screens that enter our eyes, causing negative effects on our bodies and overall wellbeing.

Prescription blue light glasses

When Do We Need Blue Light Glasses?

According to experts, blue light glasses must be worn when using any kind of screen or gadget that produces blue light. More specifically, we need to wear blue light glasses when it is close to bedtime.

The reason for this is because blue light has been discovered to hinder the release of melatonin, which is the hormone that makes us sleepy. When blue light enters our body through our eyes, it can disrupt our sleep schedule or prevent us from getting a completely restful sleep. Furthermore, frequent exposure to blue light can trigger vision problems and may even lead to the growth of cataracts. The special lenses of blue light glasses block blue light and keep it from entering our eyes, preventing all these problems from happening.

Do Prescription Blue Light Glasses Work?

For people with normal vision, store-bought blue light glasses would suffice. But if you are already wearing prescription eyeglasses, you might want to consider switching to prescription blue light glasses. In addition to correcting your eye problems, the lenses of these glasses also come with a blue light blocking feature, which would effectively keep those harmful blue light rays from entering your eyes.

Many people who have been wearing prescription blue light glasses have noted a significant difference after just a few days. They have reported a notable decrease in eye strain, no more headaches, and better sleep, among a few other improvements. So based on these testimonials, prescription blue light glasses do work.

Regular Blue Light Glasses vs. Prescription Glasses with Blue Light Blocking

Regular blue light glasses are lenses with blue light blocking features but with no prescription. These are ideal for individuals with normal vision and do not need corrective lenses. Prescription glasses with blue light blocking, on the other hand, have the same blue light blocking layer but they also come with a prescription. People with myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism would benefit greatly from these glasses, especially if they spend a lot of time in front of the computer or on their mobile phones.

How to Buy the Best Prescription Blue Light Glasses?

Buying prescription blue light glasses is a little bit trickier than buying those without corrective lenses. With store-bought glasses, you can simply choose from the many available designs, try them on, and buy the one that looks best on your face. But for prescription blue light glasses, you need to get fitted first to make sure that your prescription is updated. Once you have accomplished this, you can proceed to find the best pair that fits you perfectly.

To make sure that you get the best prescription blue light glasses for you, you must consider your face shape, first and foremost. Oval frames and round frames, for instance, go best with angular faces because they add curves to a somewhat harsh facial shape. Rectangular frames, on the other hand, can effectively balance the fullness of a round face, giving it a slimmer appearance.

Another important factor that you could take into consideration when choosing prescription blue light glasses is the material of the frame. Plastics like acetate and TR90 are generally lighter and less expensive, while metals add a touch of class and sophistication. As for the features of the lens, the best ones come with anti-glare and anti-scratch features, which help extend the lifespan of the eyewear.

Best Prescription Blue Light Glasses for Men & Women

1. Frode Square Glasses

Frode: Square Tortoiseshell Glasses

Ample coverage is one of the most important features of prescription blue light glasses. The bigger the lens size, the more blue light they can block. With lens dimensions of 48mm x 41mm, the Frode square glasses will definitely give you all the protection you need. At the same time, the stylish tortoiseshell finish on the frame elevates your look, exuding sophistication and flair.

2. Cyprian Rectangle Glasses

Cyprian: Rectangle Red Glasses

The narrower shape of the Cyprian rectangle glasses does not overwhelm your face and lets your features shine through. It has a versatile shape that flatters most faces, and the blood red color definitely gives a style statement. The frame is made of durable but lightweight TR90 material, making it extremely comfortable to wear even for long hours in front of the computer.

3. Avenger Aviator Glasses

Avenger: Aviator Gold-Wine Glasses

Another pair with generous blue light protection coverage, the Avenger aviator glasses look fantastic on both men and women. The combination of gold and wine on the metal frame gives it a stylish edge that will make the wearer stand out. The lens also features an anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating that further enhances the blue light protection that it gives.

4. Hayes Oval Glasses

Hayes: Oval Champagne/Gold-Black Glasses

One of our favorite unisex frames for prescription blue light glasses is the Hayes oval frame in champagne, gold and black. This classic combination makes it easy to wear with any outfit and any occasion. Even if you spend hours working in front of a computer, these glasses will never be too overbearing since they made of lightweight acetate with hints of metal.

5. Pippa Cat Eye Glasses

Pippa: Cat-eye Khaki-Tortoiseshell Glasses

If you are looking for a fashionable pair of prescription glasses that will also give you blue light protection, there is no better choice than the Pippa cat eye glasses. The khaki-tortoiseshell combination is our favorite, although it also comes in other adorable colors like red/black/tortoiseshell, tawny, and clear. It's a popular choice among women but looks fabulous on men as well. 


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