Blue light glasses review: best 8 pairs for men & women

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With the technological advances today, more people have access to gadgets like computers, tablets, and mobile phones. As one enjoys the convenience of such devices, too much usage's impact is being ignored.


Essentially, blue light is present in all these gadgets. The type of light your screen emits may adversely affect the eyes, especially if you're looking at the screen for hours daily.


Lensmart's blue light glasses

Why do people need blue light glasses?

You need blue light glasses as they block blue light to minimize the impact on the circadian rhythm. Glasses are essential for people who spend most of their time on a digital screen or in LED-lit spaces.


If you still need to decide whether blue light glasses are worth your money, here are some benefits of wearing a pair.


1. Long-term eye protection. As much as you're wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays, using blue light glasses also lessens the exposure to blue light from gadgets.


2. Prevents eye strain. Eye strain can have different reasons. If it's due to excessive exposure to digital devices, blue light glasses reduce the sizable impacts of eye strain. As a result, it will improve contraction and vision during screen time.


3. Improves sleep. If you frequently use your phone before sleep, you're generally emitting blue light, which can disrupt your bedtime. The blue light glasses will halt any disruption to the circadian rhythm, allowing you to sleep restfully.


4. Protects eye dryness. Dry eyes can be caused by too much screen time. When this happens, you tend to rub your eyes, causing them to be sore. You can use blue light glasses to make your screen time more comfortable, especially if you need to look at your screen for longer.


What blue light glasses are good for adults?

The blue light glasses for adults might come with other prescriptions, especially those with other eye conditions like farsightedness. Like other eyeglasses, these blue light glasses must also be durable for months or years. When choosing blue light glasses for adults, one must consider the frame style and color to suit the wearer's facial features and skin tone. There are tons of options you can explore. Most blue light glasses manufacturers even offer customization.


What blue light glasses are good for kids?

The best blue light glasses for kids are smaller frames, which bring a snug fit to kids' smaller faces. They must also be comfortable to wear since kids not used to wearing a pair might be a hassle. It's also fitting to consider the durability of the blue light glasses, especially with constantly active kids. Most importantly, you must ensure the lenses come with anti-scratch and anti-glare features so kids can use the glasses outdoors.


Where to buy blue light glasses?

The easiest and most efficient way to buy eyeglasses is online. Of course, it's easier said than done since thousands of providers are available in just a few clicks. What you must consider when choosing a manufacturer is its craftsmanship and expertise.


Lensmart provides a vast collection of frame styles and colors of blue light glasses catered to every eyeglasses wearer. A professional team of experts in the field offers detailed optician plans for various customers with different demands. Since Lensmart allows customization, the optician team will provide the best solution based on the customer's situation and budget.


Most importantly, Lensmart has been in the industry for years, and it continues to innovate and expand its blue light glasses collection to cater to the changing demands of customers. Besides functionalit. Lensmart also ensures its wearers will always stay in style.


Best 8 blue light glasses for men & women

Look at the different blue light glasses frame styles below, which you can purchase and customize at Lensmart.


1. Maverick 

Maverick: Aviator Gold Glasses

Aviators will always be in style regardless of the era. As you use the Maverick frames, you can look classic and stylish without compromising the best functionality. The frame has subtle colors like pink, gold, silver, and black. Customization includes changing the lenses based on your prescription.


2. Laelia

Laelia: Rectangle Black-Light/Pink Glasses

The young ones and young-at-heart will love these bold frames from the Laelia collection. These blue light glasses might look heavy, but Lensmart used materials to make them lightweight and more comfortable, especially for longer hours. You can change the frame colors from black, gray, black light pink, and tortoiseshell.


3. Mirja

Mirja: Oval Iridescent/Purple Glasses

These colorful frames suit teens and adults who love wearing colorful blue light glasses. The oval frame is also wide enough to protect the wearer's eyes. Like other frames, you can also customize its colors and choose from green, purple, yellow, and pink.


4. Minda

Minda: Square Transparent Glasses

These are oversized glasses that look chic and classy when worn. The colors can be black, transparent, pink, red, or champagne. The lenses come with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings, so they will always be reliable, regardless of how long you use them daily.


5. Arlo

Arlo: Square Black-Clear Glasses

They're sturdy and functional. The thicker rim edges ensure the stronghold of your thicker lenses. These blue light glasses are also lightweight, so you won't worry about feeling uncomfortable after wearing them for hours.


6. Coisini

Coisini: Oval Clear/Grey Glasses

If you want to look cute and modern with your style, you can choose these Coisini frames. They come in three color variations, including black, brown, and gray. Its size is not too large, but just enough to protect your eyes and highlight your facial features simultaneously.


7. Haidee

Haidee: Cat-eye Yellow/Tortoiseshell Glasses

This cat-eye frame from this collection makes it look like you're not wearing eyeglasses. Go for the tortoiseshell eyeglasses to pair them with the colors of your outfit and makeup. As you know, the frame is customizable based on your preference.


8. Dylan

Dylan: Oval Transparent Glasses

The modern clear glasses are a sure hit for everyone of all ages and genders. You can use them for fashion, for work, or for study. They're so stylish that wearers can customize the colors from black to red stripe, yellow tortoiseshell, green stripe, and blue stripe.



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