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The blue light glasses benefits you should know

Lensmart 2022-04-08 17:28:43

Today, gadgets, computers and smartphones are widely used to communicate, process and store data and also entertain ourselves but most of us disregard the harmful effects of blue light. Due to blue light can wreak on our vision, experts are advocating usage of blue light blockers. In this article, we will review blue light glasses benefits and why you should use a blue light glasses.

blue light glasses

Blue light is simply electromagnetic energy that travels all around us in waves. These waves are a part of nature and appear in different forms such as infrared, microwaves, radio waves, ultraviolet light and the electromagnetic spectrum version which are gamma rays and x rays. Now while it is true that all these are forms of light energy, as humans, we do not interact with all of them and some are not even visible to the human eye. But not blue light.

Blue light has a very short but high energy wave that can impact human’s vision. When exposed to the human eye for an extended period, it can damage vision. And there are different sources of blue light which include

· Sun

· Fluorescent bulbs

· Incandescent bulbs

· Flat screens

· Laptops

· Cell phones

· Computer screens

Of all these blue light sources, you will agree that we interact more with blue light in the gadgets that we use. Today, our display screens have an excessive amount of blue light actually.

The human eye has protective structures that keep out some light spectrum but not blue light. This is why excessive exposure to blue light can have adverse effects on the health of our vision.

How does blue light blocking glasses work?

To combat the harmful effects of blue light, experts advocate the use of blue light blocking glasses; but how do they work?

These specialty glasses have a special coat that covers the lens. This coat has filtering materials that block some of the light coming from your device. To be fair, the coat doesn’t block out blue light completely otherwise you will not be able to see at all.

However, by reducing the light intensity that enters your eyes you are spared its harmful effects. The sole purpose of wearing blue light blocking glasses is to reduce exposure significantly.

Blue light blocking glasses for women

The benefits of blue light glasses

Here are blue light glasses benefits you should be aware of.

Reduce water and dry eyes

If you suffer from watery eyes or dry eyes after staring at your phone or computer screen for a very long time, you definitely need blue light glasses. By wearing one each time you use your device, you will not have to deal with the condition due to the ample protection the glasses provide.

Reduce light sensitivity

If you are extremely sensitive to light, you definitely need blue light glasses. The coated lens will filter out the excess light so your eyes will not react to it.

Eliminate blurred vision

Suffering from blurred vision? One of the positive effects of using blue light glasses is that they improve your vision by making images and text clearer. No longer should you have to squint to draw near to your screen to see clearly.

Eliminate Headache

Another benefit of blue light glasses is the reduction or elimination of headaches caused by excess light from digital devices. Some people develop headaches after staring at their screens for some time. If you suffer headaches as well, you should get one and wear it at all times when you use your devices.


Tips to take advantage of blue light glasses

If you want to enjoy the benefits of blue light glasses, you need to do more than just wear them. Here are some other things you can do.

1.Adopt the 20/20 rule

When you are working with your device, make it a habit to look away from the screen every 20 minutes and maintain your gaze away from it for 20 seconds. Looking away will make you blink and help your eyes relax.

2.Eye drops

Your eyes need to stay lubricated to prevent dry eyes. While blue light glasses help with that, it pays to use eye drops as well. This can be helpful if you notice that your eyes become dry after a time even if you use blue light glasses

3.Avoid using your devices for hours

Avoid the temptation of using your device for hours. Give your eyes some time to rest by taking breaks.

If you wear blue light blockers, you will definitely enjoy blue light glasses benefits and your vision and eye health will be better for it.

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