Reading glasses review: best 8 pairs for men & women

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When someone mentions reading glasses, you'll always associate them with people in their 40s and above. It's usually during these times when you'll have difficulties reading things up close. Most people discover they can use reading glasses when going out and trying to read the menu, while others know that activities like sewing become more challenging for their eyes.


 Lensmart's reading glasses

Types of reading glasses

Generally, there are five primary kinds of reading glasses, each with its respective uses. Check out the list below.


1. Single-vision reading eyeglasses. These glasses are the most common lenses ideal for people having trouble seeing far or near objects. These glasses provide a whole field of vision.

2. Progressive eyeglasses. The lenses let you see things from any distance, including those closer when reading. The best thing about progressives is that the lens has no lines separating the different distances.

3. Bifocal reading eyeglasses. As the name suggests, bifocal eyeglasses include two prescriptions in a single lens. They help aid both nearsightedness and farsightedness. There's a clear visual line between the two distances.

4. Task-specific reading eyeglasses. Eyeglasses of this type include computer glasses, where an individual has an optimum viewing experience from a particular distance. Most of these glasses are customized.

5. Trifocal eyeglasses. These eyeglasses include three prescriptions in a single lens. The upper prescription corrects the distance vision, the bottom is for close-up vision, and the middle is for intermediate distances.


How to read reading glasses strength chart?

Eyeglasses wearers know that an eye doctor will use the reading glasses strength chart to assess the eye condition. If you're doing it alone, you can print the Reading Glasses Strength Chart and hang it on a wall. You can also hold it approximately fourteen inches from your face. Read the lines from bottom to top while covering one eye and do the same on the other. Remember to take note of the power where the letters look crystal clear.


The strength of your reading glasses is measured in diopters, the standard unit on the vision prescriptions. In most cases, the lowest strength of reading glasses is +0.25 diopters, while the high strength can go beyond +2.50 diopters.


How to choose reading glasses?

Each wearer has different standards in choosing reading glasses. Some may focus more on functionality, while others opt for style. Refer to some pointers below to get the best reading eyeglasses frame.


1. Consider the frame shape. The frame style you choose must highlight your facial features. For example, people with square faces may opt for oval or round frames to soften the sharper edges of the face.

2. The frame color must complement your skin tone. People with warmer skin tones can choose honey, coral, and olive shade frames. Meanwhile, lavender, blue, gray, and rose best suit cooler skin tones.

3. Ensure durability. You'll most likely use the reading glasses daily, so they must be lightweight yet durable enough to last for months or years.


Where to buy reading glasses?

You can score some great finds at Lensmart. You can explore a wide array of reading glasses that ensure style and functionality. The best thing about Lensmart is that it lets its customers personalize their frames, which makes it more meaningful. You can customize the frame colors and the lenses based on your prescriptions.


Lensmart has a pool of eyeglasses experts who handle your orders based on your preferences. Its manufacturers boast quality raw materials, so you can ensure durable reading eyeglasses, regardless of the frame style. Most importantly, you can explore a wide range of designs to suit your styling needs. Whether you need chic or flashy frames, trust Lensmart to have both.


Best 8 reading glasses for men & women

Get your reading glasses from the best ones below. All these lenses can be customized, so provide your prescriptions before completing your orders.


1. Abyssinia

Abyssinia: Cat-eye Black-Tortoiseshell Glasses

These frames come in bold rim edges, protecting thicker lenses from damage. You can choose the clear, champagne, and black frames for formal occasions, while the floral and black tortoiseshell designs can be worn to add more fun to your style.


2. Anastasia

Anastasia: Square Light/Grey Glasses

These square glasses with slightly oversized frames look good on anyone, especially those with round and oval faces. The gray and clear color options make you look like you're not wearing eyeglasses, while the black and yellow tortoiseshell colors provide more edge when wearing them.


3. Rowan

Rowan: Aviator Ebony-Zebrano Glasses

The wooden look of these Aviators gives a unique dimension to the classic metallic Aviator frames. You can choose from Ebony and Ebony Zebrano for these Rowan frames. Since they are in earth tones, you can pair them with any outfit color.


4. Vava

Vava: Oval Gold Glasses

The gold Vava frame exudes the minimalist vibe you might need if you don't want to stand out in the crowd. These frames are slightly geometrical and oval, so they look good on people with oval faces.


5. Kehlani

Kehlani: Cat-eye Gold-Blue Glasses

These frames are in cat-eye style with a slight touch of the browline design. The primary frame color is gold; you can combine it with blue, red, or brown. The thin metal of these reading glasses makes you look elegant and delicate.


6. Lethe

Lethe: Cat-eye Clear Glasses

The transparent and tawny frame color options are excellent choices, so you can pair them with any color of your clothes. They're soothing to look at as well. For a fiercer look, you can opt for the black Lethe eyeglasses. The frame size is enough to keep you stylish and safe from UV rays.


7. Cyprian

Cyprian: Rectangle Black Glasses

Small, rectangular frames are returning this year. You would not want to miss using these Cyprian frames for your reading glasses. It comes in gradient brown, red, and black colors. It's a classic frame you can use at school, work, or any occasion.


8. Alwin

Alwin: Square Shiny/Blue Glasses

Put some sparkles on your reading glasses with these Alwin square frames. Those with thicker lenses can also use these frames, as the thicker rim edges protect the lens from falling off.


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